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City of Seattle
Gregory J. Nickels (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor announces $6.7 million for affordable housing

1/4/2007  12:00:00 PM
Todd Burley  (206) 684-5081

Mayor announces $6.7 million for affordable housing
Housing will help homeless, low-income working
families and first-time homebuyers

SEATTLE -Mayor Greg Nickels today announced city support for four new affordable housing projects. The $6.7 million will help create affordable homeownership opportunities; a supportive housing development for chronically homeless people in North Seattle; and two mixed-income family housing developments in South Seattle. The family housing will primarily serve those making $23,000 to $39,000 a year.

“We need housing that’s affordable for every income level,” said Mayor Greg Nickels. “Stable housing is absolutely necessary to build strong families and healthy communities.”

The mayor also announced $1.4 million from Seattle’s share of the King County document recording fees for Samaki Commons.

The four projects are:

Future Development

City Funding

Samaki Commons - Inter*Im Community Development Association
40 apartments, up to 4-bedrooms, to be located at 3908 S. Kenyon St. Support services provided on-site for refugee and immigrant families


$1.75 million
+ $1.4 million from document recording fees

Sea Mar Family Housing - Sea Mar Community Health Centers
25 apartments with up to 4-bedrooms – to be built at 1000 S. Henderson Services including child care available through Sea Mar



$1.5 million


Lake City Court - Low Income Housing Institute
75 apartments to be built at 12730, 12738 and 12746 33rd Ave. NE
North Seattle Helpline food bank and medical/dental clinic on main floor Seattle Mental Health to provide specialized support services with units set aside for veterans.



$3 million

Homebuyer Assistance – HomeSight
Combined with other funding this $400,000 will be used to assist 20 first-time homebuyers in the city of Seattle. HomeSight also intends to use a portion of these funds to give assistance to homebuyers at HomeSight’s new condominium project at 13th Ave. and E. Columbia St.





Samaki Commons will be developed on property adjacent to NewHolly’s Othello Place. Inter*Im Community Development Association is partnering with the International District Housing Alliance and Asian Counseling and Referral Services to provide culturally appropriate supportive services. The total cost of the project is approximately $11.8 million.

The $7 million Sea Mar Family Housing will be constructed on the undeveloped portion of the Sea Mar Community Care Center campus in the South Park neighborhood. About half of the units are set aside for families making up to $39,000 annually (family of four) and the other half for families making up to $23,000 annually.

Lake City Court in North Seattle will provide supportive services for chronically homeless individuals with some units designated for veterans. The $16.8 million project to be developed by the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) was awarded $320,000 capital from the Veterans Administration and services funding for 16 units.
Today’s event was held at Sea Mar Community Care Center at 1040 South Henderson, overlooking the future site of the Sea Mar Family Housing. The Sea Mar Community Health Centers provide comprehensive health and human services to diverse communities.

The City of Seattle awards multifamily funds twice yearly, supporting the development of affordable housing. The long-term, low-interest loans are highly competitive, with applications carefully reviewed for financial feasibility, affordability, organizational capacity and how they meet Seattle priorities. The affordability of the housing is regulated by the Office of Housing for a minimum of 50 years.

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