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SUBJECT: Della Added $1.7 Million to Budget for Improving Communities

12/1/2006  9:42:00 AM
Elma Borbe, Della Office, (206) 684-8806

Councilmember David J. Della

Councilmember led effort to invest in key park improvements, critical human services, and diverse cultural and historic heritage projects.

SEATTLE — In the 2007-2008 City Budget, Councilmember David J. Della advanced key park investments, restored critical human services, and enhanced diverse cultural and historic heritage projects. “I am pleased that my colleagues supported my initiatives to serve communities across the city,” said Councilmember Della.

Councilmember Della, chair of the Parks, Education, Libraries, and Labor Committee, succeeded in appropriating $795,000 in this year’s budget for pedestrian and habitat improvements at Magnuson Park. “Magnuson Park needed critical investments to make it an even better place for pedestrians and environmental stewardship. I’m confident we accomplished that with these appropriations.” These funds will pay for pedestrian improvements at the NE 65th St entrance and the conversion of an interior road/parking lot to a natural habitat that were first called for in the Magnuson Park Conceptual Design in 1999.

Councilmember Della also successfully advocated for $125,000 toward implementing a community plan to preserve and maintain the International District Danny Woo Community Garden.

Councilmember Della was instrumental in obtaining $250,000 for Nisei Memorial Hall, where the memories and contributions of brave Japanese/Americans soldiers to our nation’s defense during World War II is shared and honored.

Councilmember Della played a key role in the City’s $150,000 contribution to a partnership with other public agencies in the region to develop a Historic Shipyard. “Seattle is rich with maritime history and our hope is to develop a shipyard where vessels of historic significance will be restored and preserved for future generations,” Councilmember Della said.

In the human services arena, Councilmember Della led the effort to secure $112,000 for the Meals Partnership Coalition, which has effectively leveraged and increased the distribution of food to the most needy. An advocate for children, Della also succeeded in obtaining $270,000 to continue the operations of SOAR, a program with over 60 community partners to improve child care, parent education, and youth leadership. Councilmember Della said, “City government depends on hundreds of partnerships with community-based organizations for making Seattle the best place to live, work and play. I am pleased that the Council was able to do its part to maintain the health of these vital organizations.”

This biennial budget featured a $5.8 million Comprehensive Public Safety Package and Councilmember Della helped craft the Council’s approach to the paramount issue of public safety. “I’m proud to have been part of developing the Council’s Comprehensive Public Safety Package. This package builds on programs that already exist and have been shown to produce results—a safer community. We added funding for more police officers, programs for at-risk youth, and treatment to reduce recidivism,” Councilmember Della said. A particular concern of Councilmember Della’s was making sure that the City’s parks are safe for all residents to enjoy. While the Mayor suggested downtown Park Rangers to address criminal activity in the Center City, Della chose to support a broader strategy to employ 31 new police officers throughout the city. “We know that criminal activity occurs outside of downtown parks. It happens everywhere—where we live, work, study, play and travel—and it happens throughout the City. We know that when a crime is committed, it’s triggered by a complex set of factors and finding solutions similarly requires that it be comprehensive and complex. I am satisfied that the Council’s approach will yield real positive results,” Councilmember Della said.


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