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City of Seattle
Gregory J. Nickels (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor Awards over $1 Million to 14 Seattle Neighborhood Projects

7/13/2006  2:00:00 PM

Mayor Awards over $1 Million to 14 Seattle Neighborhood Projects
Money matched by almost $2 million from neighborhood donations

SEATTLE - Mayor Nickels announced new funding awards through the Department of Neighborhood’s Matching Fund. This season’s awards include projects from all over the city and range from park, playground and street improvements to building community gardens and traditional Chinese gates.

“Seattle is a great city thanks to its great neighborhoods,” said Nickels. “These awards and projects are the result of people rolling up their sleeves to make their neighborhoods better places for everyone.”

This year’s recommended awards recipients will include projects from all over the city. The 14 awards totaling $1,218,970 range from $31,500 to $100,000. In addition to the city’s contribution to the projects, the communities will “match” the city’s dollars with local resources valued at $1,885,066.

Each year, Large Project Fund Awards are given to groups committed to building a better community by matching the public funds with locally raised money, donated materials, and volunteer labor. These recommendations will be forwarded to the City Council for approval.

Bernie Matsuno, acting Director of Neighborhoods, added, “This year’s awards include great additions to our communities, such as a new gate for Chinatown/International District, skateboard parks, and new sidewalks. We’re expecting great results from all of this work.”

The Large Projects Fund is one of four components of the Neighborhood Matching Fund, and provides awards of more than $15,000 to support community driven projects that take up to one year to complete. Seattle neighborhoods have completed more than 2500 projects in the last 16 years using as little as $100 and as much $100,000 from the Neighborhood Matching Fund.

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