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City of Seattle
Gregory J. Nickels (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor Announces 'Safe Crossings' Improvements

3/21/2006  1:30:00 PM

Mayor Announces “Safe Crossings” Improvements
Investment will make streets and crosswalks safer for pedestrians

SEATTLE - Mayor Greg Nickels took another step forward in making Seattle streets safer for walkers. The mayor kicked off his “Safe Crossings” campaign by announcing $2.5 million in crosswalk, sidewalk, and other critical improvements.

“Seattle is one of the best cities in the country for walking, and I want Seattle to be the best city for walking safely.” said Mayor Nickels. “We will continue to make our crosswalks safer, and reduce the chances of pedestrian accidents with motor vehicles.”

Mayor Nickels committed $1.3 million to step up the pace of crosswalk safety improvements this year.

“We cannot eliminate the hazards of everyday life,” said the mayor. “But we can reduce the risk at certain roadways, and reduce accidents in our crosswalks.”

The city currently has about 600 uncontrolled marked crosswalks on arterial streets. Over the past four years, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has installed 12 new pedestrian signals to improve safety. SDOT plans to install 10 more pedestrian signals in the near future, and is accelerating safety improvement work on 28 other crosswalks with the $1.3 million.

“Working together we can be safer on the streets” said Jodie Vice, Chair of the Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board. “Crosswalk improvements create opportunities for everyone to use the street safely, including children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.”

Last year, the mayor highlighted his commitment to reducing the approximately 400 pedestrian collisions that occur annually by announcing a campaign to increase pedestrian and driver safety awareness, and improve 110 crosswalks at 50 intersections.

In addition to improving crosswalks, Mayor Nickels will commit about $500,000 for improvements to South Jackson Street, $250,000 for Alaskan Way Seawall repairs, $225,000 for sidewalk improvements to Northeast 98th Street, and $125,000 for the Burke-Gilman “missing link” design.

Read the Safe Crossings Program Fact Sheet - Acrobat PDF 25kb

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