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City of Seattle
Gregory J. Nickels (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor Nickels awards over $340,000 to support race and social justice efforts

1/12/2006  1:30:00 PM

Mayor Nickels awards over $340,000
to support race and social justice efforts

Community groups’ projects will work to increase
understanding and promote social justice

SEATTLE - Mayor Greg Nickels will announce this evening over $340,000 in Neighborhood Matching Funds for organizations that are working to increase tolerance, understanding and social justice.

“The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is about building community and unity,” Nickels said. “These Matching Fund projects are truly carrying his legacy forward. By working to build understanding between groups, we’ll increase opportunities for all.”

The Neighborhood Matching Fund awards are given several times a year to community groups who then match the public funds with locally raised money, donated materials, and volunteer labor. This is the third year that one set of awards has been dedicated to fulfilling the goals of the Mayor’s Race and Social Justice Initiative.

The 32 awards will give a total of $341,782, with each project receiving between $3,000 to $15,000 from the Department of Neighborhoods. The communities are matching the City’s dollars with local resources valued at $458,694.

“I’m greatly enthused by the wonderful response we had from the community this year. These are wonderful projects that will have a great impact in their communities for years to come,” said Department of Neighborhoods Director Yvonne Sanchez.

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Race and Social Justice Award Recipients

Arts and Culture Projects

Rainier Vista Cambodian New Year Celebration
- Rainier Vista Cambodian Youth Program
Cambodian community groups together with ethnic and mainstream social agencies will join in a neighborhood celebration of the Cambodian New Year at the new Rainier Vista Neighborhood House. Organized by Cambodian youth and their families, the Celebration will be a opportunity for displaced residents to reconnect with local cultural activities including Khmer dance, artwork, songs, poetry and history, as well as connecting with local social services, job programs and resources.
NMF Amount: $4,927 Match Amount: $4,715

Songs and Stories
- Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association
In a unique collaboration of diverse cultural groups including Cambodian, Somali, Iraqi , Latino and others in Delridge, individuals stories, music, visual and performing arts talents will be showcased at a celebration at Youngstown Cultural Community Center.
NMF Amount: $15,000 Match Amount: $7,680

Lope de Vega
- Young Shakespeare Workshop
To build a Latino community-based performance training program, a series of classes, workshops and professionally guided rehearsals will be offered to students and members of the community. The goal is to build the foundation for a permanent program that provides Latino youth the opportunity to study, interpret and perform the rich heritage of theatrical writing in Spanish.
NMF Amount: $15,000 Match Amount: $17,250

Critical Voices of Rainier “CRIVO”
- International Capoeira Angola Foundation
The Critical Voices of Rainier will continue to build new youth and adult leadership in the Rainer Beach neighborhoods project through Brazilian art and culture. They will use Capoeira Angola, and Theater and Pedagogy of the Oppressed as tools to support the leadership development process.
NMF Amount: $14,490 Match Amount: $49,040

Southeast Asia/Southeast Seattle: To be Asian and American in the Rainier Valley
- Rainier Valley Youth Theatre
The Rainier Valley Youth Theatre will produce the 2006 Summer ARTS project. They are a multi-cultural, community-based theatre that builds bridges between Seattle residents through community performances, increases dialogue and awareness among youth and provides mentorship and theater training to Seattle teenagers with professional artistic staff.
NMF Amount: $14,100 Match Amount: $16,750

The African Conexion – Two Readings – One World
- The African Conexion Coalition
African American communities and Latino/Spanish speaking communities will join together to work on pressing social issues. Using music, theater and racial/cultural dialogue focused on taboo subjects they will build bridges across ethnic groups, and more effectively address a pressing major health care issue among communities of color, HIV/AIDS.
NMF Amount: $7,250 Match Amount: $5,500

Jackson Streets: Past, Presents, and Futures
- Wing Luke Elementary PTSA
Education for racial and social justice requires a space for the sharing of stories, traditions and music across generations and between races and ethnic groups. Third and fourth grade students from Wing Luke Elementary School will work with a team of historians, teachers, artists and volunteers on a first hand investigation of the people, music, culture, and politics of South Jackson Street: past, present and future.
NMF Amount: $2,950 Match Amount: $4,870

Family and School Partnership Projects

Family Literacy Dinners and Girls Softball
- Salvation Army Community Center
Families from White Center and Delridge areas will be invited to family literacy and cultural dinners with entertainment, community resources and a book give-away. In addition, girls in the community will be have an opportunity to participate in an affordable softball program at the Salvation Army Community Center, and the team will be a part of the Seattle Parks and Recreation softball league this spring.
NMF Amount: $8,650 Match Amount: $14,800

The New School @ South Shore Cultural Enrichment
- Parent Alliance Group at the New School
More families of New School South Shore students will be engaged in the life of the school through invitations to multiple events celebrating the rich cultural diversity of their community. Nine events will give families the opportunity to learn more of each other's heritage and gain a better understanding of the school's role in the community: Lunar New Year, Black History Month, St. Patick's Day/Irish Immigration History Performance, Cinco de Mayuo, Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month "Luau", Juneteenth, July Pow-wow, Oktoberfest, All Hallow's Eve/Dia de los Muertos.
NMF Amount: $10,100 Match Amount: $14,160

ESL Family and School Involvement
- John Stanford International School PTSA
To increase family participation in school life and community, a combination of Family English as a Second Language/Literacy classes and PTSA meetings with parent trainings will support John Stanford International School ESL families. A volunteer ESL teacher will work with each family with supervision of the School's ESL teacher.
NMF Amount: $15,000 Match Amount: $17,250

Talk Story with Pacific Islander and Asian Sisters
- National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum - Seattle Chapter
The Seattle Chapter of the National Asian pacific American Women's Forum will host a series of four different Talk Story gatherings in Seattle, concluding with a mass gathering of all the participants. Through this project, the organizers hope to bring together a diverse group of Asian and Pacific Islander women and girls for the purposes of forging community through sharing experiences as females, finding common values and experiences, learning about their differences and developing new leadership in their community to create positive social change.
NMF Amount: $9,750 Match Amount: $4,875

Rainier Valley Family Friends & Neighbors Caregivers Support Network
- Refugee Women’s Alliance
Caregivers of refugee and immigrant children will gather together monthly to build community among neighbors, and to bring child development, school and health care professionals to the community for an exchange of information and ideas.
NMF Amount: $11,671 Match Amount: $13,807

Campana Quetzal
- Campana Quetzal
Campaña Quetzal will organize two activities for Latino families in Seattle. First, implement a culturally relevant Parent Education Leadership Training (PELT) that provides Latino families with parenting skills, leadership skills and the ability to advocate for their children in Seattle Public Schools. Secondly, conduct a series of Latino Community Forums to discuss issues in SPS such as Disproportionality in Discipline, Disproportionality in Special Education, School Selection, the WASL and Latinos in Higher Education.
NMF Amount: $15,000 Match Amount: $11,390

The Garden Connection
- Community Coalition for Environmental Justice
The Community Coalition for Environmental Justice will enhance intergenerational relationships by creating additional community gardening opportunities in low income neighborhoods in the Central Area.
NMF Amount: $10,020 Match Amount: $15,170

Race and Social Justice Programs/Children’s Summer University
- Urban League of Metro Seattle
This project will initiate a race and social curriculum for school-aged children attending the Urban League's Summer University. The curriculum will assist the children in understanding various cultures and developing new skills in self-expression, leadership and community building.
NMF Amount: $8,070 Match Amount: $6,480

Raising Bias-Free Kids King St.
- Cooperative Preschool
This goal of this project is to work with community members to develop a list of books for preschoolers and their families that are biased free. A pamphlet listing these books will be made available for distribution to area families, schools, and childcares. The project will also include a community education workshop, a book exchange program and the enhancement of the King Street Cooperative Preschool library.
NMF Amount: $2,950 Match Amount: $1,780

Youth Projects

Capitol Hill Homeless Youth Employment Project Tea Cart
- Street Outreach Services
Homeless Youth, given an opportunity to learn new service and business management skills, will operate a new Tea Cart in Cal Anderson Park with support from community volunteers. On their first job, these young tea-barristas can play a positive role, helping to remove barriers between neighbors and at-risk youth as well as serving up hot, organic fair trade tea.
NMF Amount: $10,303 Match Amount: $5,560

West side Symphonette Outreach and Outreach Growth
- West side Symphonette
Presenting a series of free all-community, all-school music workshops, the Westside Symphonette plans to improve the musical ability of West Seattle students, increase community wide friendships among participants and families, and attract increased participation and awareness of the group. Particular focus for outreach will be schools with high enrollment of minority and /or low -income level students.
NMF Amount: $11,880 Match Amount: $2,149

Central Area Youth of Color Define Their Voice
- Momentum
To close the perception gap between the community and students of color and strengthen the community, community members and high school youth will write and produce a play that deals with how dress, styles of communication and social interaction help shape community perception of youth of color. Together they will facilitate a community discussion on the topic immediately after the play.
NMF Amount: $14,800 Match Amount: $24,025

Community Building Through Global Understanding – Worlds Apart/The Arts Together
- Washington Middle School
Through both creative workshops and facilitated dialogue at Washington Middle School, students from Seattle and from the Amy Biehl Foundation from townships surrounding Cape Town, South Africa will participate in interactive forums and explore together what it takes to build vibrant thriving communities. Students with geographical and cultural differences will develop collaborative skills and team-building approaches to problem solving in their communities and personal confidence in their abilities to make positive changes.
NMF Amount: $7,600 Match Amount: $5,100

Media Projects

South Park es mi Casa
- Amigos de South Park
Through interviews with residents, business owners, city officials, leaders and community groups, a TV documentary in Spanish with English subtitles will be produced about the Latinos of South Park. In hope of finding solutions to common challenges faced by the neighborhood, the production will explore the life and culture of Latinos in the South Park area, addressing issues that affect them and their neighbors.
NMF Amount: $15,000 Match Amount: $22,670

Community Voices/Voces Comunitarias
- South Park Violence Prevention Collaborative
A community service project will be organized to empower and engage Latino residents in the ongoing issues of safety and violence in South Park.
NMF Amount: $10,797 Match Amount: $20,560

Leadership and Advocacy Projects

Multicultural Family Council Development
- North Seattle Family Center/Children’s Home Society
Representatives from more than thirty neighborhood and cultural groups that participate in the North Seattle family Center will form a Multicultural Family Council. Council members, having learned leadership and advocacy skills as well as civic engagement strategies, will then support civic engagement efforts of The Family Council and its members including voter registration and enrollment in citizenship classes.
NMF Amount: $12,870 Match Amount: $16,960

Driven in Debt and Poverty Community Mapping
- Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing (LELO)
The diverse community of Southeast Seattle will be invited to learn about the lending and finance agencies that target the poor. Community members who have used these services will tell of their difficult experiences through taped interviews. A map of the agency locations will be produced for public awareness.
NMF Amount: $13,000 Match Amount: $15,000

The Intergenerational Multi-cultural Leadership
- Central House
In a series of community forums of spoken word, video, live performance and discussion, senior/elder and youth community organizers will be engaged on topics of mutual interest including human rights, relevant education, jobs not jails, and serving community. A new elder/youth leadership consortium will evolve from the forums.
NMF Amount: $9,340 Match Amount: $15,540

Focus Groups for Somalis to Fight Against Discrimination, Racism, Oppression and Negligence.
- Somali Community Services
Focus groups will be created for Somali speaking communities to address oppression, racism, discrimination and negligence, and to select natural leaders of the community and to create a civil rights resource book printed in the Somali language.
NMF Amount: $8,024 Match Amount: $4,849

International District Intergenerational Leadership Program
- International District Housing Alliance
This project will provide weekly leadership development workshops for youth and elders, citizenship and ESL tutoring classes and intergenerational relationship building through social and community service activities.
NMF Amount: $15,000 Match Amount: $53,139

Allyship and Coalition Building
- Seattle LGBT Community Center
A partnership with non-profits and grassroots organizations will work for social change to build a more powerful voice for anti-oppression.
NMF Amount: $13,500 Match Amount: $7,924

Community Immigration Empowerment
- Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project will hold a series of workshops on immigrant issues related to immigrant laws and rights.
NMF Amount: $8,400 Match Amount: $4,410

From Hate to Hope
- From Hate to Hope Network
A network of people and groups concerned about the anti-immigrant/refugee movement and the erosion of immigrant/refugee rights will develop and launch a strategic plan for outreach, network communications, media leadership and fund development for 2006. They will hold one large training and strategy session and smaller community meetings to develop communications, outreach, education and training strategies.
NMF Amount: $15,000 Match Amount: $14,800

Conference for Latino Immigrant Women in Seattle
- Casa Latina
A group of eight Latino women, facilitators of women’s support groups at Casa Latina, and the Cascade People Center will form a steering committee to organize their annual conference to celebrate International Women’s Day in March 2006. The two-day Conference provides a space for various Latino women’s groups to share their experiences and struggles, network, develop new knowledge and leadership and define the base of a long-term coalition.
NMF Amount: $6,990 Match Amount: $10,991

Which Way Seattle 2006
- Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas
The Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas project will present two community forums that challenge and provoke new thinking about foster care and the next generation of civic activists in Seattle's African-American community.
NMF Amount: $4,350 Match Amount: $10,600

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