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Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Sunny day at Lincoln Park

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City of Seattle
Gregory J. Nickels (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: A Trail for Two Cities

7/26/2005  9:00:00 AM

A Trail for Two Cities
When complete, the Burke-Gilman Trail will connect Golden Gardens to Redmond

SEATTLE -Mayor Greg Nickels opened the third segment of the Burke-Gilman Trail this evening, which connects the Ballard Locks with NW 60th Street in northwest Seattle.

“The Burke-Gilman Trail is the most popular bike route in Seattle, whether you are commuting to work or just out getting your exercise and enjoying the view," Nickels said. "It’s helped make Seattle one of the top ten bicycle-friendly cities in the nation, so it is only fitting that we make sure the trail reaches its full potential as transportation link and as a great ride."

The new section, which was started on the trail’s 30th anniversary, creates a new western route from the Ballard Locks to just before the Shilshole Marina. The next step is to design the section of the trail that will go from NW 60th Street to Golden Gardens Park. SDOT will also apply for federal funds to design the section from 11th Avenue NW to 17th Avenue NW (Fred Meyer to just west of the Ballard Bridge).

When the last section between 11th Avenue NW and the Ballard Locks has been completed, the trail will stretch from Golden Gardens to Redmond.

The idea for the trail began 30 years ago, when a citizen group learned that Burlington Northern Railroad was going to abandon a section of rail line. Since then, the City has purchased the right-of-way as the rail line and funding have become available.

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