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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Pet license amnesty ends; zero-tolerance back in effect

6/1/2005  1:15:00 PM
Don Jordan - (206)386-4286
Cyndi Wilder  (206) 684-0909
Julie Moore  (206) 684-0909

Seattle Animal Shelter’s pet license amnesty month ends
Zero-tolerance back in effect

With the end of May’s "pet license amnesty" offer, Seattle Animal Shelter enforcement officers have returned to a zero-tolerance policy and resumed issuing citations for unlicensed pets. The penalty for late renewal is $15, and there is a $54 citation for failure-to-license a pet. Pet owners who voluntarily come forward to renew their pet licenses will not be cited but they will have to pay the late fee.

Pet owners have several options for purchasing and renewing pet licenses, including:

"A pet license is the best insurance policy you buy for your pet," says Don Jordan, Animal Shelter executive director. "For instance, if your pet is wearing its license and it shows up at the shelter, we will notify you that your pet is here. Or if we find your licensed pet in the field, we’ll return it to you instead of taking it to the shelter. Often an injured animal wearing a license is more likely to receive veterinary care if you’re not around," adds Jordan.

The one-month "license amnesty period" was approved by the City Council in March and ended May 31.

Pet licenses cost less if your cat or dog is spayed or neutered:

One-year license:

Two-year license:

Dog — $40 ($20 if spayed or neutered)

Dog — $62 ($30 if spayed or neutered)

Cat — $25 ($15 if spayed or neutered)

Cat — $40 ($22 if spayed or neutered)

Potbellied pig — $120 for first year, $30 annual renewal (some restrictions apply; please call 386-4262 for details).

For more information about pet licenses, call the shelter at (206)386-PETS (7387).

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Seattle Animal Shelter

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