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City of Seattle
Gregory J. Nickels (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor Nickels Awards $163,958 to 16 Seattle Neighborhood Projects

12/3/2004  10:00:00 AM

Mayor Nickels Awards $163,958 to
16 Seattle Neighborhood Projects

SEATTLE- Mayor Nickels unveiled funding awards today for 16 different neighborhood projects through the Department of Neighborhoods Matching Fund. Several times a year, Small and Simple Project Fund Awards are given to groups committed to building a better community by matching public funds with locally raised money, donated materials, and volunteer labor.

This year’s 16 awards total$168,958 that range from $1,911 to $15,000. In addition to the City’s contribution, the communities will “match” the City’s dollars with local resources valued at $212,535. Award recipients and community members joined Mayor Nickels and Department of Neighborhoods Director Yvonne Sanchez at a ceremony for the award winners at Greenwood Elementary School in Seattle.

“One of my top priorities as Mayor is building strong communities. This is exactly what these groups here tonight have accomplished through the Neighborhood Matching Fund,” said Nickels. “They are making their communities a better place while achieving great results.”

Yvonne Sanchez, Director of Neighborhoods, said, “It’s very important to lead a life larger than our own, and these community members are making a big difference in their neighborhoods by getting involved in such great projects.”

The Small and Simple Projects Fund is one of four components of the Neighborhood Matching Fund, and provides awards $15,000 and under to support community driven projects that take up to six months to complete. Seattle neighborhoods have completed more than 2500 projects in the last 15 years using as little as $100 and as much $100,000 from the Neighborhood Matching Fund.

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