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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: New Mailing Addresses for Downtown City of Seattle Offices

2/9/2004  8:25:00 AM
Pat Miller (206 )684-0985
Cyndi Wilder  (206) 684-0909
Julie Moore  (206) 684-0909

New Mailing Addresses for
Downtown City of Seattle Offices
Use of new addresses ensures mail will be processed rapidly

SEATTLE — Because of U.S. Postal Service requirements, the city of Seattle has implemented a new mailing address format for offices located in the buildings comprising the downtown Civic Center campus — City Hall, Justice Center, and Key Tower.

The new system uses a P.O. box number and corresponding ZIP+4 code, rather than just a physical street address. A listing of the new P.O. box number addresses that should be used for sending mail to departments within these buildings is available on the city’s web site ( The web site also provides the physical addresses for these departments. (Those without web access can obtain a copy of this list by calling 206-684-3210.)

Failure to use the P.O. box address for these departments will delay mail processing. Once forwarding orders expire in about a year, mail will be returned to its sender.

"The Postal Service assures us use of the new addresses ensures mail will be processed rapidly," said Pat Miller, warehousing and distribution services manager. "We want people to get in the habit now of using these P.O. box addresses because next year the Postal Service will no longer forward mail using the physical address of city tenants in these buildings; instead it will be returned to sender. We want to avoid the inconvenience this may cause."

In the past, Postal Service mail carriers provided direct deliveries to each city department located downtown. Postal Service regulations, however, require delivery only to a single address per organization and the agency is enforcing these regulations as city departments move to the new Civic Center buildings. Because of these changes, the city must take on a greater role in the departmental distribution of its U.S. mail.

To satisfy the Postal Service mandate, the city is now using an off-site PO box delivery and sorting location at a Postal Service facility. In combination with the off-site process, the city is integrating its external and internal couriers to complete the delivery of U.S. mail to city departments.

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