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Sunny day at Lincoln Park

Sunny day at Lincoln Park

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City of Seattle
Gregory J. Nickels (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor Nickels Calls for Prohibition of Cell Antenna Towers in Single Family Zones

3/24/2003  10:30:00 AM

Mayor Nickels Calls for Prohibition of
Cell Antenna Towers in Single Family Zones

SEATTLE –Mayor Greg Nickels announced today plans to prohibit cell antenna towers in single family zones. The announcement follows a letter yesterday from Mayor Nickels to concerned neighbors, informing them of his decision.

"It’s become increasingly clear to me that the cell antenna towers are not compatible with our single family neighborhoods," said Mayor Nickels. "The towers are too tall, too large and are simply not a good fit."

Neighborhood activists appeared at the mayor's press conference today and praised his decision.

"We'd like to thank Mayor Nickels for his conviction and dedication to protecting our city's single-family neighborhoods," said Sharon Nakamura, a resident of the Beacon Hill Lockmore neighborhood. "We hope the City Council will support this protection for Seattle homeowners and their neighborhoods."

The decision follows a significant outpouring of concern from people in neighborhoods with proposed towers currently under review by the Department of Design, Construction and Land Use (DCLU).

The Mayor has instructed DCLU to develop legislation that will prohibit the towers in single family zones. The legislation will allow for rare exceptions where there is no alternative for providing service, as required by federal regulations. The Mayor has also requested that DCLU continue its work developing guidelines for mitigating the visual impacts for cell antenna in other zones, to help ensure that they fit in with their surroundings.

Under the proposed ordinance, cell towers would be allowed in all other zones.

"We look forward to approving permits for these towers in zones where they are actually compatible. I know Seattle can continue to have great cell service without damaging our single family neighborhoods," said the Mayor. "I also look forward to getting this legislation to Council for their review. We can make a difference for our neighborhoods with this legislation."

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