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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Westlake groper sentenced to over 3 years in jail

4/16/2015  11:30:00 AM
Kimberly Mills  (206) 684-8602

The man commonly known as the Westlake groper for sexually assaulting women in Downtown Seattle was sentenced this week to more than three years in jail, an unusually long punishment for misdemeanor violations.

Daryl R. Sharma of Kirkland, a registered sex offender, pleaded guilty Monday in Seattle Municipal Court to five counts of Assault with Sexual Motivation. Two other filed cases were dismissed by the City Attorney’s Office (CAO), which agreed not to file two other pending cases. Also, because of the plea agreement reached in Seattle, the City of Kirkland dismissed a separate case against Sharma.

Sharma, birthdate July 6, 1978, is a registered sex offender because of a 2011 felony Assault with Sexual Motivation conviction and subsequent flight to Oregon.

Judge Judith Hightower sentenced Sharma to three years and 75 days, as well as the conditions recommended by the City: That he have no criminal law violations; that he sign an anti-harassment order in cases the victims wished to have one; that he possess no weapons; that he abstain from alcohol and non-prescribed drugs, and that he be evaluated by probation officers to determine if mental health treatment and/or sexual deviancy treatment is appropriate. That post-sentence review is scheduled for Aug. 13 this year.

The length of Sharma’s confinement will be reduced by time spent in jail awaiting sentencing. He was charged in October last year.

A domestic violence advocate in CAO’s Criminal Division contacted, or attempted to contact, each of Sharma’s victims to seek input on the City's recommended disposition.

Seattle Municipal Code 12A.06.010 Assault

A. A person is guilty of assault when he or she intentionally assaults another person.

B. The City Attorney may file a special allegation of sexual motivation when the person intentionally assaults another person and one of the purposes for the assault was for the actor's sexual gratification. Such a special allegation must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, with either the court making a finding of fact as to this special allegation if it finds the defendant guilty of assault or, if a jury trial is had, the jury finding a special verdict as to this special allegation if it finds the defendant guilty of assault.

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