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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Where Are We Going? Seattle's Transportation Future Speaker Series

3/17/2015  2:00:00 PM

“Where Are We Going? Seattle’s Transportation Future” Speaker Series
Gabe Klein, national leader in transportation, to speak in Seattle next week

SEATTLE – Seattle’s transportation landscape is rapidly changing— more people are choosing different ways to get around –using their cars less as an increased menu of convenient options becomes available. Gabe Klein, a passionate promoter of sustainable transportation, will be in Seattle next week, speaking at the Downtown Seattle Branch library to spark conversation and add ideas to the mix. He is the first of four nationally and internationally renowned speakers coming in the next several months to inspire us to imagine the possibilities, addressing the topic, “Where are we going? Seattle’s Transportation Future.”

What:“Future of Transportation in Cities” 
Who: Gabe Klein of the Urban Land Institute, former head of transportation departments in Washington, DC and Chicago; Moderator:  Cathy Duchamp, KUOW Public Radio
Where: Seattle Central Library
When: March 25, 6 p.m.

As the former head of the transportation departments of Chicago and Washington, DC, Gabe Klein achieved dramatic changes by boldly implementing forward thinking urban transportation practices ranging from creating an elevated bicycle trail to initiating bus rapid-transit corridors, as well as greatly increasing street paving and reducing potholes. As the head of transportation in these two cities, he successfully increased productivity and found funding for new programs during hard financial times, catapulting these urban communities into a new transportation culture.

From March to June, four national and international speakers will visit Seattle and will use demographic trends, lessons learned from other cities, and advances in technology to address the unique challenges and opportunities in planning for transportation. This series will provide an opportunity for residents to explore new concepts in transportation while also bringing new voices to the conversation. Admission to the events is free, but registration is required. The series is sponsored by the Seattle Department of Transportation, the Office of Arts & Culture, and 94.9 KUOW Puget Sound Public Radio.

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