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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Holmes seeks more safeguards on marijuana edibles

7/21/2014  2:30:00 PM
Kimberly Mills  (206) 684-8602

City Attorney Pete Holmes is calling for stronger safeguards on edible marijuana products, prohibiting marijuana advertising on commercial vehicles and, again, increasing the number of licensed retail stores in the City.

In a July 18 letter, Holmes asked the Washington State Liquor Control Board to clarify the rules on “marijuana-infused products in solid form” to require that the items be scored to show the number of servings per container and that the serving size and number of servings be prominently displayed on the packaging.

Holmes also asked the Board, which is charged with implementing Initiative 502, to expand the definition of such edible products appealing to children to include but not be limited to “replicas of commercially available candies like gummy bears and lollipops.”

Among other recommendations, Holmes requested that the Board deny licenses to applicants who have not paid local taxes and that it increase the number of retail licenses in Seattle, now at 21, to ensure that the legal market has enough supply to supplant the illegal market.

July 18 letter

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