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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: West Seattle: Let's talk

6/19/2014  11:45:00 AM
Bryan Stevens  (206) 684-5045

West Seattle: Let’s talk
Encouraging productive civic engagement

SEATTLE – The City of Seattle will host an event to provide information on current programs and proposals related to a growing city.  This is an opportunity for discussion. 

“West Seattle:  Let’s talk”
Saturday, June 28 from 9:30-11:30 am
West Seattle Senior Center (4217 SW Oregon Street)

The event will feature open house-style information to allow dialogue and education around major policy efforts in Seattle. Neighbors can speak with City staff from the Department of Neighborhoods, Seattle’s Department of Transportation and the Department of Planning and Development. We are exploring a proactive and conversational model of community engagement to hear directly from the community and share ideas. This is the first of several discussions we’ll have throughout Seattle.

“I believe it’s important to listen and learn from Seattle’s residents and service users,” said Mayor Ed Murray. “Neighborhood engagement is a priority of my administration. This event continues the important conversations that were started at the Neighborhood Summit and it builds upon the feedback I’ve heard from residents.” Mayor Murray envisions a safe, affordable, vibrant and interconnected city … and above all, an equitable city for all. That includes vibrant neighborhood business districts and housing for people in all household sizes and at all income levels. How can we improve civic engagement while we work to accommodate new people in the city and the region?

“We want to explore new ways to encourage productive dialogue, provide opportunity for input about how the city will accommodate future generations without losing the qualities that we all enjoy, and learn what West Seattleites recommend for the future,” said Diane Sugimura, Director of the Seattle Department of Planning and Development.

Seattle is a rapidly growing city within a growing region. By some measures, Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Over the coming twenty years, Seattle’s share of regional growth is 70,000 new households and 115,000 new jobs.

“People move here for jobs, beautiful scenery, and easy access to outdoor activities for the great quality of life. More people mean more development in Seattle neighborhoods, including new buildings, new businesses and new neighbors. While West Seattle isn’t growing quite as quickly as some other neighborhoods, many people voice concerns about these changes,” said Bernie Matsuno, Director of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. 


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