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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor
SUBJECT: Seattle expands Find It, Fix It mobile app
4/9/2014  1:10:00 PM
Julie Moore  (206) 684-0909

Seattle expands Find It, Fix It mobile app
Customers now can report illegal dumping and streetlight outages via their smartphones

SEATTLE – The city of Seattle today announced the addition of two new service request types to the “Find It, Fix It” smartphone app, which offers mobile users a convenient way to report selected issues to the city. Smartphone users now can use the app to report illegal dumping and streetlight outages, in addition to abandoned vehicles, graffiti, potholes and parking enforcement issues, which have been features of the app since it launched in August 2013.

“The city is committed to finding efficient and effective ways to serve our customers,” said Murray. “Find It, Fix It takes advantage of ever-evolving technology to offer an easy and practical way for the public to connect with the city and notify us of potential issues.”

A scaled-down version of the city’s online service request system, the app takes advantage of technology available on mobile devices, including geographic awareness, to give mobile users a convenient way to alert the city to issues, while providing location information that helps city staff respond. To report an issue, users simply use their smartphone to snap a photo, add detailed information, and hit submit. The map’s “drag and drop” feature or the phone’s own technology can be used to pinpoint the location.

Since its launch last summer, Find It, Fix It has been downloaded to 6,350 mobile devices and users have submitted 6,393 requests through this new channel (graffiti, 2,551; other, 1,744; pothole, 1,012; abandoned vehicles, 558; and parking enforcement, 528).

The app, which is available for iPhones or Android phones, offers the following service request categories:

  • Illegal Dumping: report illegal dumping – junk, garbage or debris – on public property, including roadsides, open streets and paved alleys.
  • Streetlight Report: report a streetlight outage or damaged streetlight.
  • Abandoned Vehicles: report vehicles parked in a public right-of-way more than three days.
  • Graffiti: report graffiti, including what it is on – parking meter, utility pole or building – so it gets automatically routed to the appropriate department for response.
  • Pothole: report a pothole.
  • Parking Enforcement: make an inquiry regarding a parking concern.
  • Other Inquiry: this miscellaneous category is for making any inquiry or request not listed above, which will be processed by the city’s Customer Service Bureau. Mobile users should choose this category to provide feedback.

Find It, Fix It complements the existing methods the public can use to report issues and request information: in person at City Hall, the Seattle Municipal Tower and any of six Neighborhood Service Centers; over the phone by calling 206-684-2489 (CITY); and online at

Submissions are entered into the city’s Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system, and departments responsible for providing that specific service manage and track requests. The city of Seattle began using the Motorola CRM system in December 2011. There may be some initial delays in response time for the newest additions to the app as City departments adjust to any increase in service requests.

All requests submitted via Find It, Fix It must specify a location within the city’s service area in order to complete processing. If the location is outside the service area, a message will display to the user and the request will close automatically.

Android users can download the app from the Google Play Store and iPhone users can download the app from the App Store. The fastest way to find the app is to search on this phrase within quotes: “find it, fix it” or scan the QR code and download Find It, Fix It right now!

The city anticipates adding other request types in the future and welcomes feedback on the app and ideas for additional features. Users should choose the Find It, Fix It app’s “other inquiry” category – found under the "New Request" icon – to submit feedback.

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