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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: City publishes new edition of Construction Standards

3/3/2014  9:05:00 AM
SPU Customer Service  (206) 684-3000

City publishes new edition of Construction Standards
Standards apply whenever any construction is performed in the right of way

SEATTLE — Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has issued a new edition of the city’s Standard Specifications and Plans for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction. These construction standards apply whenever any public or private construction is performed in the city’s right of way. The standards serve as the primary contract documents for public works construction contracts for several city departments.

Seattle’s Construction Standards are updated every three years; with recommended amendments posted to the website linked below between hard copy publication cycles. The latest edition includes 150 revised standard plans and numerous revisions to the standard specifications. Revisions are often updated details capturing new safety requirements, process efficiencies, and support for new technologies.

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