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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: RFP open for Cultural Development Certification, analogous to LEED Certification

12/11/2013  10:00:00 AM

RFP open for Cultural Development Certification, analogous to LEED Certification
Proposals due January 22, 2014

SEATTLE — The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture is pursuing plans to create a new certification for urban developments, analogous to LEED certification, that would reward developers for creating projects that incorporate space for arts and culture. This project was created in response to community feedback solicited at the recent Square Feet 2013 event. To further this goal, the Office is commissioning a report and action plan on the creation of a Cultural Development Certification, which would provide a project with access to tools within the city that would benefit the developer and the community. The budget for the RFP is $10,000 and proposals are due no later than January 22, 2014.

The certification will be available to projects that provide for the inclusion of specific interior cultural space, such as galleries, museums, theaters, artists' studios, offices for arts and culture organizations or other public or private cultural space. The required deliverable is a written report; details on the requirements can be found here. The idea sprang from a Square Feet 2013, a cultural space event aimed at determining the greatest need in the arts and cultural community as related to space. Cultural Development Certification was elevated and prioritized for immediate funding. Read more about the event here, and watch the keynote here.

For questions about the RFQ process or to submit a proposal, contact Matthew Richter at or 206-733-9955, or mail to: Office of Arts & Culture | Seattle / PO Box 94748 / Seattle, WA 98124 / Attn: Matthew Richter.

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