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City of Seattle
Mike McGinn (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor McGinn thanks outgoing department directors for their service

11/22/2013  3:00:00 PM

Mayor McGinn thanks outgoing department directors for their service

SEATTLE - Today Mayor Mike McGinn released the following statements, thanking outgoing department directors for their service.

It was announced today that SDOT Director Peter Hahn is resigning. "I would like to thank Peter for his service," said McGinn. "He has done great work rebuilding public trust in SDOT's commitment to the basics. When it started snowing, Peter set up a cot in his office so he could work around the clock to oversee our plowing, salting and de-icing operations. He reinstated basic maintenance efforts like chip and crack sealing to help repair our streets. And he successfully oversaw major projects like Mercer, Spokane Street and the Seawall Replacement. Peter's work to help launch our updated Transit Master Plan is already showing great results from advancing planning work on all high priority transit corridors to winning several federal grants to help expand our streetcar network. He has been a leader in the transition of making walking, biking and transit more safe and desirable choices for getting around. Most important of all, the data shows that our streets are safer today than they were four years ago. Peter's leadership and commitment to our Road Safety Action Plan is helping everyone get where they are going safely."

It was announced today that City Budget Office Director Beth Goldberg is resigning. "Beth has been an incredible resource in City government and I cannot thank her enough for her service. When I entered office, we were experiencing the longest, deepest recession since the Great Depression. Beth quickly stabilized our city budget in the face of dramatically reduced revenues. She crafted policies to rebuild our Rainy Day Fund to record levels, including proactively restoring depleted reserve funds. Beth worked hard to make the City budget more accessible to the general public and won an award for municipal budget transparency last year. And she was instrumental in securing an innovative, long-term jail contract with King County that provides financial and operational security to both of our governments. I am grateful for her service in my administration and strongly believe that she is leaving City government in better shape than when she arrived."

It was announced today that Office of Intergovernmental Relations Director Marco Lowe is resigning. "Marco has been a joy to work with over the past four years. He has worked hard to advance Seattle's interests in the region, state and country. Our City has benefited from his work to win federal transit grants, protect state funding for our social safety net and fighting for Seattle's values at every possible occasion. I look forward to his future work," said McGinn.

It was announced today that Personnel Director Dave Stewart is also departing. "Dave has been an incredible public servant and leader in my administration. His sense of humor and work ethic made him a pleasure to work with. He made our Gender Equity Task Force possible by conducting a thorough and transparent review of salary practices in city government. This work has formed a solid foundation for local government to lead the way in closing the gender pay gap in Seattle. I wish him luck in his future endeavors," said McGinn.

And Rick Hooper, Director of the Office of Housing, announced his retirement, today. "Rick is a great public servant. I appreciated his professionalism, knowledge and commitment to making sure that the Office of Housing worked in partnerships with other City agencies to improve the quality of life for Seattle residents. Rick successfully stewarded the Seattle Housing Levy, including opening 1,000 units of housing for people who are homeless just in the last four years, helped create 4,300 affordable units through the property tax exemption program, and another 500 affordable units through incentive zoning programs," said McGinn.

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