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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Summer Events in Southeast Seattle

7/12/2013  1:30:00 PM
Joaquin Uy  (206) 684-0155
John Crawford-Gallagher  (206) 684-4008

Summer Events in Southeast Seattle
City promotes resources to participate, volunteer and navigate summer events

This year’s summer calendar of events continues with many diverse activities for people from all walks of life. There is an event taking place nearly every weekend from July through September.

These gatherings encourage and support the interaction of neighbors, friends, families and strangers, increase the vibrancy of our neighborhoods, and provide positive economic impact.

With most outdoor events in Seattle happening during sunny summer months, we sometimes have multiple large scale events happening on the same day.

The City’s online Special Events Calendar has links to event details and route maps that can help you navigate getting to and from these events, and getting around town:

Plan ahead for these Southeast Seattle Summer events:

Seattle To Portland Bicycle Race – July 13 (Saturday)

  • Seward Park and surrounding streets

Seafair Triathlon Expo – July 20 (Saturday)

  • Seward Park and surrounding streets

Seafair Weekend – August 2 through 4 (Friday through Sunday)

  • Stan Sayres & Genessee Parks and neighborhood

Umoja Fest Festival and Parade – August 3 (Saturday)

  • Judkins Park, 23rd Ave from S Norman to E Union Streets

Rainier Summer Streets Party – August 17 (Saturday)

  • Rainier Ave S from S Brandon to S Alaska Streets

Athleta Triathlon – August 18 (Sunday)

  • Stan Sayres & Genesee Parks

So get out there and participate, volunteer, and navigate through the fun this summer!

Seattle Special Events Office
The City of Seattle plays a strong role in helping event planners bring people together safely and successfully in both city-wide and neighborhood events. The Office of Economic Development’s Special Events Office processes applications for special events for review by the Special Events Committee and serves as a primary point of assistance for event planners. The Special Events Office website has guidelines and requirements, event calendars, and contact information. Visit

Office of Economic Development

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