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City of Seattle
Mike McGinn (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor McGinn's statement on President Obama's Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution

6/25/2013  12:15:00 PM
Robert Cruickshank (206) 849-9584

Mayor McGinn's statement on President Obama's Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution

"I thank President Obama for his announcement today that he will take further action to address climate change with his Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution. I agree with the President's assertion that as a nation we can meet the challenge of climate change in a way that advances our economy while protecting the environment and our health at the same time. The plan takes important steps to regulate carbon emissions here in the United States and ratchet up investments in clean energy and energy efficiency. It also lays out a strategy for us to lead internationally, working with other counties to reduce emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change. These are all steps that are urgently needed and they will complement the actions being taken by local governments all over the country.

I also hope that this plan is just a first step. All of the incremental gains we're making as a country, from greening our buildings to deploying electric vehicles, from expanding mass transit to investing in renewable energy, could all be wiped away by exporting coal from the Powder River Basin to Asia. It could all be washed over if we build the Keystone XL pipeline. I urge President Obama to go further, to direct the Army Corps of Engineers or another federal agency to conduct a broad analysis of the impacts of coal export, including the impacts of mining in Wyoming and Montana, transporting the coal via rail across state lines, shipping it through our waters and eventually burning it in Asia. We need to understand the full impact of these proposals to our local communities, to our environment and to our health. And the federal government and President Obama need to take the lead."

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