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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Taxi, taxi-like services demand study under way

6/12/2013  2:03:00 PM
Cyndi Wilder  (206) 684-0909
Julie Moore  (206) 684-0909

Taxi, taxi-like services demand study under way
Information gathered will support City Council efforts
to improve taxis and similar services

SEATTLE – Surveyors armed with electronic tablets are fanning out across Seattle and other parts of King County to find people willing to take a brief survey regarding their use of and experiences with taxi and taxi-like services (for-hire and ride-sharing vehicles; limousines) in Seattle and King County. Information gathered in the survey will support the efforts of the City Council's Taxi, For-Hire and Limousine Regulations Committee to improve taxis and similar services. Demand will be broken down by key submarkets, including street hail trips, prearranged trips by local residents, hospitality (hotel/cruise) trips and hospital/health care trips.

Times of day will vary by survey location, which include transportation hubs, tourist hotspots, shopping and business districts, late-night venues, and medical centers.

An online version of the survey – available in Chinese, English, Korean, Somali, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese – can be accessed at 

Hotels, bars, restaurants, hospitals and other businesses served by taxis and similar services will also be surveyed.

The demand survey is phase one of a two-phase effort and results are expected to be presented to Council in August 2013. Recommendations are not likely at the end of phase one. Rather, those are expected following phase two, when the city will study the effectiveness of the current regulatory environment for taxi and for-hire services in the region and analyze how alternate models of regulation would affect key stakeholders.

Tennessee Transportation & Logistics Foundation (TTLF), in association with Taxi Research Partners, is performing the survey on behalf of the City and the County. The City Council's Committee on Taxi, For-Hire and Limousine Regulations is working with the Department of Finance and Administrative Services to study the existing market for taxi, for-hire and limousine services, the current approach to the regulation of these services and potential modifications to this regulatory structure.

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