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City of Seattle
Mike McGinn (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor Seeks Candidates for Seattle Center Advisory Commission

10/25/2012  12:20:00 PM
Deborah Daoust  (206) 386-1974

Mayor Mike McGinn is seeking candidates for the Seattle Center Advisory Commission. The advisory board consists of 15 members, who are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the City Council to serve three-year terms. Commission members must reside in Seattle and serve without compensation.

The Seattle Center Advisory Commission represents the interests of Seattle citizens by advising Seattle Center staff, the mayor and City Council on policy matters that may affect Center operations and redevelopment. The Advisory Commission also provides Center staff, the mayor and City Council with an ongoing assessment of department operations, performances, plans and policies.

Qualified individuals must have perspective, experience and talents that will enhance the Commission's expertise and effectiveness. If you are interested in being considered, send a letter of interest and resume demonstrating your knowledge, experience and insights into current issues.

The Seattle Center Advisory Commission meets 12 noon to 1:30 p.m., the first Thursday of each month. Applicants should send a letter of interest and resume by Monday, Dec. 4 to:

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