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City of Seattle
Mike McGinn (former Mayor)

SUBJECT: Mayor McGinn convenes Green Ribbon Commission

5/4/2012  4:30:00 PM

Mayor McGinn convenes Green Ribbon Commission
First announced in 2012 State of the City Address, Commission to advise City on climate action strategies

Mayor Mike McGinn today announced a Green Ribbon Commission to steward development of the Seattle Climate Action Plan. Co-chaired by Denis Hayes, President of the Bullitt Foundation, and Doris Koo, Senior Advisor to Enterprise Community Partners, the primary charge of the Green Ribbon Commission will be to help the city of Seattle create a climate action plan that increases the circle of economic prosperity, affordable housing, public health, and social equity while protecting our planet for future generations.

"The challenge for this Green Ribbon Commission will be to fully integrate our climate goals with our job creation and social equity goals," said McGinn. "Cities that do so will be leaders in creating a new model for quality of life, environmental sustainability and economic success. I thank all the members of the Green Ribbon Commission for their commitment to this vision and their service."

The Green Ribbon Commission is comprised of business, civic, and environmental leaders. The City convened a Green Ribbon Commission in 2005 to help develop the Seattle's first climate action plan. The mayor was a member of the 2005 Green Ribbon Commission, as were several returning members of the Green Ribbon Commission, including co-chairs Denis Hayes and Doris Koo.

"Seattle's 2005 Green Ribbon Commission launched one of the nation’s first municipal climate action plans," said Hayes. "I'm pleased today to join another diverse, talented group to help Seattle demonstrate that a low-carbon future can also be a healthy, vibrant, and prosperous future."

The Green Ribbon Commission will meet six times between May and October 2012. The Office of Sustainability & Environment is supporting the Green Ribbon Commission and leading the City’s climate action planning process.

Learn more about the work of the City of Seattle Office of Sustainability & Environment.

View the Seattle 2012 Green Ribbon Commission Membership (PDF)

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