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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Community Meetings Address Proposed Street Tree Ordinance

12/13/2011  1:45:00 PM
Norm Mah  (206) 684-8114

Community Meetings Address Proposed Street Tree Ordinance

The Seattle Department of Transportation is seeking community feedback regarding protecting and preserving street trees. A street tree is defined as any tree growing in a city right-of-way, whether it is improved or unproved.  In 2007 SDOT, together with nine other city departments, contributed to the development of Seattle’s first strategic plan for managing the urban forest.  The  Urban Forest Management Plan sets forth the goal of achieving 30 percent tree canopy cover by 2037 to increase the environmental, social, and economic benefits that trees bring to Seattle residents.  The Street Tree Ordinance is one of the tools that can help the city ensure that this goal is achieved.

The proposed ordinance will address tree protection and preservation; restrictions on tree removal; requirements for replacements; new requirements for private tree companies; and will strengthen penalties for violations. The proposed draft ordinance and the Street Tree Manual can be viewed on the Urban Forestry website:

The first community meeting was held last night at the Highpoint Community Center and four more meetings are currently scheduled:

Wednesday, December 14
Van Asselt Community Center
2820 S Myrtle Street
Thursday, December 15
Miller Community Center
330 19th Ave E
Monday, January 9
Meadowbrook Community Center
10517 35th Ave NE
Room 22

Wednesday, January 11
Ballard Community Center
6020 28th Ave NW
Sunset Room

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