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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Bridging the Gap on Track to Meet 2011 Goals

8/11/2011  12:00:00 PM

Bridging the Gap on Track to Meet 2011 Goals
New sidewalks, paving, signage and bridge work all signs of Bridging the Gap’s continuing work

SEATTLE – The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) announced today that the city is on track to meet its 2011 goals for Bridging the Gap (BTG). To address the significant maintenance backlog, make it easier to navigate around the city and enhance safety, SDOT’s road repaving, new sidewalk construction and signage replacement is ongoing across Seattle. With the Bridging the Gap Citizen Oversight Committee providing accountability for taxpayers, BTG continues to make steady progress towards its nine-year goals.

SDOT Director Peter Hahn thanked Seattle residents for the voter-approved initiative and stated, “With the significant help of Bridging the Gap, SDOT is steadily improving city streets, bridges, sidewalks and bike facilities, making it easier and safer for everyone to travel around Seattle. This work would not have been possible without the generous support of Seattle’s voters.”

Major asphalt and concrete paving projects are underway on some of the city’s most traveled streets and more than 20 lane-miles of paving will be completed by the end of this year in the University District, Georgetown and along Rainier Avenue S. Crews have already replaced more 3,300 regulatory traffic signs and 1,000 street name signs this year. They have also remarked more than 200 crosswalks and restriped more than 650 lane miles of arterial roads. 

Other work accomplished through BTG so far this year includes: 

-Installing 26 new crossing improvements
-Performing more than 100 bridge repairs 
-Installing 17 miles of bike route signs, inspecting 27 miles of trail and maintaining nearly 24 miles of bike facilities 
-Repairing more than 8 blocks of sidewalk
-Completing one Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Large Project at California Ave SW, while design work and community outreach continues on 10 other NSF Large Projects
-Planting approximately 585 street trees and pruning more than 1,300 others

“Bridging the Gap is making real progress and having a positive impact on Seattle’s neighborhoods,” added Director Hahn. “SDOT and the city are fulfilling our promise to the public by getting the work done and creating transportation improvements that will benefit everyone.”

During the first four years (from 2007 through 2010) of the BTG levy, the Seattle Department of Transportation has:

-Paved more than 128 lane-miles of road
-Secured 43,600 new hours of transit service
-Constructed 69 blocks of new sidewalk
-Repaired 87 blocks of sidewalk
-Remarked 3,312 crosswalks
-Replaced 31,733 regulatory signs
-Installed school zone signage at 164 schools
-Replaced street name signs at 5,536 intersections
-Striped 112 miles of bike lanes and sharrows
-Planted 3,329 new street trees

For more information about BTG, its goals and progress towards meeting those goals, please visit the BTG web page at

The Bridging the Gap Citizen Oversight Committee ensures accountability for how BTG revenues are spent. It is an advisory body that monitors revenues, expenditures, and program and project implementation. The committee reviews SDOT’s program and project priorities and financial plans, and makes recommendations to the mayor and the city council regarding the spending of levy proceeds. More information about this body can be found at:

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