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Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Mayor Mike McGinn announces lower rates for Pacific Place Garage

6/1/2011  3:00:00 PM

Mayor Mike McGinn announces lower rates for Pacific Place Garage

SEATTLE - New and lower rates are taking effect today at Pacific Place Garage, Mayor Mike McGinn announced this afternoon. With the new rates, 80 percent of short-term parkers will find lower rates:

  • $2 for 30 minutes (previously parkers had to pay $5 for one hour, with no 30-minute rate);
  • $3 for one hour (this is nearly half of the old rate);
  • $5 for two hours (reduced from $7);
  • $7 for three hours (reduced from $9 - more than a 20 percent discount);
  • A cap of $6 for evenings (previously, people paid more for stays of more than four hours);
  • A cap of $10 on weekends;
  • A "game day special" for fans of the Mariners, Sounders, Seahawks and Huskies, where they will pay $6 if they arrive no more than three hours before the game. Fans then ride convenient light rail and buses from the Pacific Place Garage and avoid the game traffic.

"The City's goal is to pragmatically manage its parking spaces," said McGinn. "We're experimenting with lower parking rates at Pacific Place Parking Garage to see if we can bring in more business."

Earlier this year, the City raised parking meter rates in 4 neighborhoods and reduced parking meter rates in 11 neighborhoods to match prices with neighborhood parking demand. The change in pricing at Pacific Place Garage is consistent with this pragmatic approach. Use of Pacific Place Garage is way down, costing the City's General Fund over $1 million a year. The City will monitor the changes closely to see if the pricing strategy works to draw more business and improve the City's bottom line.

The new rates go into effect today, June 1, and will remain in place through September 30.

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