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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Seattle Municipal Court Announces Collections Reduction Event

4/28/2011  10:45:00 AM
Gary Ireland  (206) 684-8710

Seattle Municipal Court Announces Collections Reduction Event

(SEATTLE) The Seattle Municipal Court is holding a Collections Reduction Event during the months of May and June, 2011. The event waives all collections fees and interest on parking and traffic infractions if tickets are paid in full. The Collections Reduction Event does not apply to those entering into a time-payment plan. The Court accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and money orders for payment of tickets. The Court efforts are designed to offer people with unpaid infractions in collections a significant savings if they pay off their tickets. The program also encourages people to pay their unpaid parking tickets before the new parking scofflaw program launches.

A scofflaw is someone with a vehicle that has four or more unpaid parking tickets. Starting July 1, scofflaw vehicles parked in public right-of-way will get their wheel locked with a boot. If a vehicle receives a boot, full payment of all past-due tickets and the boot fee must be paid within 48 hours or the vehicle may be towed. Full payment includes the initial parking fines, default penalties, collection fees and interest. If towed, full payment plus the boot and tow fees must be made before the car is released from impound. People unable to make a one-time full payment may arrange a time-payment plan with Seattle Municipal Court’s contracted collections agency, AllianceOne, Inc. (

The booting of a vehicle will be less expensive and easier to deal with than a tow and impound. Boot fees will be less than tow fees, and motorists do not have to travel to a tow yard to release their cars. The City of Seattle recently chose an outside vendor as part of a competitive bidding process, PayLock IPT, LLC ( PayLock IPT will provide the City with "boots" to immobilize cars and process payments over the phone.

To see if you have unpaid parking tickets and to pay them, go to (English) or call (206) 684-5600 (interpretation may be available). Payment can also be made in person at The Seattle Municipal Court at 600 Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Questions about the Collections Reduction Event should be directed to the Court’s Public Information Officer, Patti McBride, at 206-684-8710.

For questions about the Scofflaw program, please contact the appropriate agency:
Seattle Police Department’s Parking Enforcement: SPD Media Line, 684-5520
Parking enforcement and license plate recognition

Seattle Department of Transportation: Rick Sheridan, 684-8540
Public education prior to boot program implementation, parking signage

Municipal Court: Patti McBride, 684-8710
Parking ticket collections, fines, and ticket adjudication process

Finance and Administrative Services: FAS Media Line, 684-0909
Paid parking and ticket revenues, budget impacts, vendor selection


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