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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Vehicle Hours of Delay is a Key Metric of Congestion

4/18/2011  5:00:00 PM

Vehicle Hours of Delay is a Key Metric of Congestion

Today The Seattle Times ran a story covering the mayor’s discussion of recent state data concerning the amount of congestion on city streets caused by tolling the proposed deep-bore tunnel. 

Here is the data from the Washington State Department of Transportation regarding vehicle hours of delay caused by various viaduct replacement options:

Central City
Vehicle Hours of Delay-Daily

Viaduct Closed:  41,300
I-5/Surface Transit:  36,700
Bored Tunnel:  33,300
Bored Tunnel Tolled:  38,700
Bored Tunnel Program:  32,300
Bored Tunnel Program Tolled:  37,500

“Vehicle hours of delay is a key metric of congestion that’s commonly used when describing congestion performance measures over a wider area covering multiple corridors,” said Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Director Peter Hahn. “The State Department of Transportation uses this metric as well as the Puget Sound Regional Council.” Director Hahn added that these numbers are a source of concern, along with the significant diversion caused by the tolling of the tunnel, and are one of the main reasons that SDOT retained the services of Nelson Nygaard to analyze this in greater depth, determine the environmental impacts, and identify potential mitigation measures. This report will be issued this week. 

See page nine of the Washington State Department of Transportation’s 2010 Congestion Report: .

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