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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Rehabilitated 15th Avenue NE at NE 105th Street Bridge Reopened Today

4/15/2011  3:00:00 PM

Rehabilitated 15th Avenue NE at NE 105th Street Bridge Reopened Today
Bridging the Gap funds repairs and upgrades for important roadway structure

SEATTLE — The City of Seattle today announced that it has substantially completed its major rehabilitation of the 15th Avenue NE at NE 105th Street Bridge. The nine million dollar project, funded by Bridging the Gap, resolves critical structural issues and extends the life of the span. Executed by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), the work ensures that a critical crossing point over Thornton Creek can more safely accommodate car, bus, freight, pedestrian and bike traffic.

“Our department of transportation’s work on the 15th Avenue NE Bridge ensures that the bridge will continue to support nearby residents and businesses for years to come,” said Mayor Mike McGinn. “Though our city’s road maintenance backlog is severe, the voter-approved Bridging the Gap made work on the bridge possible. I would like to thank SDOT for the hard work to keep our neighborhoods connected with this important bridge.”

Key elements of the project included strengthening the bridge structure, repaving its surface, replacing expansion joints, adding a separation railing between sidewalks and traffic lanes, and correcting erosion under the bridge. The structure was selected for rehabilitation as part of the Bridging the Gap program because of the critical connections it provides for nearby neighborhoods. With age and increased traffic volumes, the bridge had deteriorated such that delaying the proposed repairs would have resulted in more significant work, a longer construction period and higher costs. 

SDOT expects to complete five to six bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects as part of the Bridging the Gap program. The 15th Avenue NE at NE 105th Street Bridge is the fourth one completed since levy funded work began in 2007. Other completed bridge projects include the Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge, the East Duwamish Waterway Bridge and the NE 45th Street Viaduct. Work on the final two bridge rehabilitation and replacement projects, which includes the Airport Way South Viaduct over Argo Railroad Yard and East Marginal Way at Horton Street, are expected to begin later this year.

Due to the significant improvement work involved, such as replacing the deck’s surface, SDOT fully closed the span in May 2010. With the structure now reopened, SDOT is working with Metro Transit to quickly restore three Metro bus routes displaced by the construction. 
Bridging the Gap is the $365 million levy passed by Seattle voters in 2006. It enables much needed work by the Seattle Department of Transportation, such as roadway paving, sidewalk development and repair, bridge maintenance, and tree pruning and planting. It also supports the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plans, enhanced transit connections and large Neighborhood Street Fund projects.

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