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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: City Announces 2011 On-Street Parking Rates and Releases Parking Report

1/14/2011  12:30:00 PM

City Announces 2011 On-Street Parking Rates and Releases Parking Report
Data-driven process sets rates to achieve one to two open spaces per block

SEATTLE — The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) today announced on-street parking rates for 2011, based for the first time on information gathered in a comprehensive citywide study of parking occupancy. The information helped the department set rates that vary by neighborhood, with the goal of achieving on average one to two open spaces per block.

For 2011 on-street parking rates will range from $1 to $4 per hour, instead of the current $1.25 to $2.50 per hour. (Specific rates per neighborhood, along with the number of spaces and occupancy, can be found in the attached chart.) Rates will increase in nine neighborhoods but remain unchanged or decrease in 13 other neighborhoods, leaving 62 percent of paid spaces with either no change or a rate reduction. Additionally, nine neighborhoods with active nightlife and high evening parking demand will have paid parking extended until 8 p.m. to provide better access for customers.

City crews will begin implementing the new rates as of Feb. 1, rolling them out neighborhood by neighborhood through March 30. New graphics on all parking pay stations will clearly highlight the revised rates, in addition to providing information about other parking rules and how to use the machines.

To develop its report, SDOT conducted assessments of every neighborhood containing on-street paid parking. Over the past months, SDOT collected data that reveals:

-On-street peak occupancy is highest in the neighborhoods of First Hill (100 percent), the Commercial Core (97 percent) and Pioneer Square (91 percent)

-On-street peak occupancy is lowest in the Uptown Triangle (29 percent), Denny Triangle North (42 percent), and Belltown North (46 percent) neighborhoods

The rates announced today will remain in effect for the rest of 2011. SDOT will monitor the effect of the rate changes and parking usage to determine rates for 2012. SDOT is also undertaking a comprehensive study of the feasibility of variable-rate parking for 2012 and beyond.

For additional information on 2011 on-street rates and rules, please visit the SDOT website at:

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