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Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: SDOT Announces 2010 Bridging the Gap Accomplishments

12/20/2010  12:15:00 PM

SDOT Announces 2010 Bridging the Gap Accomplishments
Voter-approved measure continues making valuable transportation improvements

SEATTLE – The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) today announced that it fully met its 2010 Bridging the Gap (BTG) goals. The transportation levy was created to reduce the city’s maintenance backlog, repair its bridges, stairwells and other infrastructure, and implement the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master plans. This is the fourth year of the nine-year levy that was approved by Seattle voters in November 2006.

“Residents are seeing the results of their transportation tax dollars at work,” said Peter Hahn, director of SDOT. “The City is repaving streets, replacing signs, retrofitting bridges and adding sidewalks. Through Bridging the Gap, we are making real progress in upgrading Seattle’s transportation infrastructure.”

In 2010, the Seattle Department of Transportation accomplished the following through Bridging the Gap:

-Paved more than 31 lane-miles of road. Projects included Airport Way, South Columbian Way, Fourth Avenue and South Dearborn Street.

-Repaired the equivalent of 23 blocks of sidewalk

-Built the equivalent of 15 new blocks of sidewalk

-Installed pedestrian countdown signals at 40 intersections

-Made 42 crossing improvements as part of Pedestrian Master Plan implementation

-Striped 20 miles of bike lanes and sharrows, and installed 31 miles of bike route signs

-Added more than 350 bike parking spaces to help meet the city’s growing demand

-Replaced nearly 7,000 regulatory traffic signs and installed new street name signs at 1,700 intersections

-Remarked more than 630 crosswalks and restriped more than 1,100 lane-miles of arterial streets citywide

-Planted 817 new street trees and pruned 3,400 more

-Funded 14,800 hours of new transit service, bringing the total to 45,000 new hours added over the past three years. This was made possible by a partnership between Metro’s Transit Now Program and Bridging the Gap.

-Completed two bridge rehabilitation projects this year. The Dr. Jose Rizal Bridge was rehabilitated and the 45th Street Viaduct’s west approach was completely rebuilt over the summer.

-Selected 11 Neighborhood Street Fund large projects citywide to be designed in 2011 and constructed in 2012

Large projects supported by the Bridging the Gap transportation initiative have also moved forward. The Fourth Avenue S off-ramp of the Spokane Street Viaduct was completed, construction began on the Mercer Corridor (East) project, and renovation and improvement efforts at King Street Station continued at a rapid pace.

During the first four years of the levy, the city has delivered on its Bridging the Gap promises. The Seattle Department of Transportation has paved more than 128 lane-miles of road, secured 45,000 new hours of transit service, constructed 69 blocks of new sidewalk, repaired 89 blocks of sidewalk, remarked 3,312 crosswalks, replaced 31,131 regulatory signs, installed school zone signage at 164 schools, replaced street name signs at 5,558 intersections, striped 113 miles of bike lanes and sharrows, and planted 3,239 new street trees.

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Seattle Department of Transportation

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