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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Seattle On-street Parking Data Available on the Internet

10/18/2010  10:00:00 AM
Sue Romero  (206) 684-8548

Seattle On-street Parking Data Available on the Internet

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has released a comprehensive set of parking data as part of the Seattle Parking Map and e-Park projects. The data is now available at, a city web site where more than 200 kinds of raw data can be viewed as maps or charts and used by the public for computer analysis or the development of new applications.

The parking data includes the location and description of parking signs and curbside parking categories for every street in the city, such as paid, time-limit, and restricted parking zones. The data provides developers with the information they need to build great mobile phone parking applications, as has been happening for the King County transit system and transit systems throughout the U.S.

“I expect this release to spur creative applications that help people navigate Seattle’s parking world,” said Peter Hahn, SDOT Director. “These applications would be helpful for people visiting our great shopping, cultural and entertainment centers.”

Other data SDOT has made available are the locations of bicycle racks owned and maintained by the city. More data sets are expected to come in the next few months.

Seattle Parking Census Results

Coinciding with the data release, SDOT is also releasing the results of a Seattle parking census. Information includes:
• number of parking spaces on every street in the city
• number of parking spaces within each of the 31 restricted parking zones
• number of time-limit and load zone spaces in various business districts
• amount of unrestricted parking, where there are no specific sign regulations

Census Results

Type throughout the city boundaries Estimated number of spaces
Total number of regulated parking spaces 525,000
Paid parking 13,500
Restricted parking zone 18,000
Time-limit 11,500
No parking/stopping zones 165,000
Loading zones 3,000
Other zones 2,300
Unrestricted 490,000

* As of October 2010. Due to overlapping categories and rounding, the various space types are greater than the total number of regulated spaces. No parking/stopping zones are not considered parking spaces.

These parking space estimates were developed by considering the length of the each street and the number and type of parking signs, and subtracting a standard deduction for crosswalks, driveways, fire hydrants and other non-parking areas on each street. Paid spaces are a linear measurement, not an estimate. To put in perspective, there are about 3,900 lane miles of arterial and non-arterial streets in Seattle. In comparison, the city of San Francisco conducted a parking census last year as part of their SF Park project. They have an estimated 280,000 on-street spaces, of which 25,000 are metered.

SDOT will be using this census in day-to-day management of on-street parking throughout the city. One program is the Community Parking Program, which works with community members and businesses to identify on-street parking challenges and opportunities, develop parking recommendations, and implement changes.

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