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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: City of Seattle earns four-star rating for green fleet

10/23/2009  3:00:00 PM
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City of Seattle earns four-star rating for green fleet
Evergreen Fleets program recognizes four Puget Sound fleets

The city of Seattle’s fleet today received a rating of four stars from the Evergreen Fleets program. Seattle’s is one of the first four fleets in the Puget Sound region to be certified as “green” through this new program.

“This is another feather in Seattle’s cap for leading the way in climate protection. Our fleet sets a great example for other fleets and for the public on ways to travel while protecting our environment at the same time,” said Brenda Bauer, director of the Fleets and Facilities Department..

Evergreen Fleets is a voluntary, certification program that recognizes fleets for making smart, environmentally responsible choices that save fuel, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Evergreen Fleets is the first green fleet certification program of its kind in the nation, and was created by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and the Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition in collaboration with a consortium of public fleet managers.

The city of Seattle earned a four-star rating (out of a possible five stars) for its green fleet efforts, which include a highly effective green vehicle purchasing policy, having a dedicated green fleet coordinator, and achieving greenhouse gas emission reductions of 13 percent in just one year. The city of Seattle is also piloting the use of biodiesel derived from waste grease to help displace petroleum fuel use in its heavy-duty vehicles.

“The city of Seattle is aggressively working toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our fleet operations. Participating in the Evergreen Fleets program allows us to identify and implement best practices that help us reach our environmental goals. The program also helps us measure our progress, learn about effective strategies, and network with other public and private fleets. This is exactly what a fleet operator needs to make informed decisions about alternative fuels, advanced vehicle technologies and operational efficiencies,” said Chris Wiley, Seattle’s Green Fleets coordinator.

Seattle’s fleet includes:

·         More than 550 advanced technology vehicles, including 476 hybrids and 76 vehicles that run on compressed natural gas.

·         With 344 Priuses, the largest publicly owned Prius fleet in the state.

·         43 electric off-road vehicles (20 scooters, 16 Segways, 3 T3 Motions for parking enforcement officers, 2 electric bicycles and 2 neighborhood electric vehicles.

·         Nearly 800 diesel-powered vehicles, most of which run on biodiesel.

·         58 vehicles in the general-use motor pool, 49 of which are advanced or alternative fuel vehicles. The motor pool also offers one Segway, three bicycles and two electric bicycles.

“Evergreen Fleets sets rigorous benchmarks for fleet performance, awarding one to five star ratings for fleets based on the best practices and green fleet technologies they have adopted. Today we’re celebrating the first fleets to become certified through this program. We commend them for leading the charge toward a more sustainable future for our region.” said Dennis McLerran, executive director of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

 The other fleets recognized today are the city of Mercer Island (one star), King County (three stars) and Snohomish County (three stars).

Evergreen Fleets provides guidance, best practices and resources that address both technical and operational aspects of fleet management. Additionally, the program recently received funding from the U.S. Department of Energy which will help local fleets acquire alternative fuel or advanced technology vehicles, and build supporting infrastructure.


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