The City Council adopted a budget action in 2012 that set a move-in target date of 2016, while acknowledging the concerns of the Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) that this target date is not achievable. FAS, which is managing this project, is committed to doing everything within its power to accelerate this process as much as possible. A key opportunity to accelerate the schedule was selecting and purchasing a site by December 2013. The site was identified, Council approved the purchase in December 2013 and acquisition was completed in early 2015. We also have accelerated our approach by beginning predesign work (also known as "programming") in 2013. Building design work has continued since.

To further accelerate the schedule, the facility will be constructed under the GC/CM process (general contractor/construction manager selected early in the design process vs. traditional design-bid-build). Based on the information currently available, the City estimates construction will be substantially complete by the end of 2018.

High-level Tentative Project Schedule

  • Open House #1 - Public Input Opportunity
  • Programming - verification of space needs and adjacencies
  • Property acquisition legislation at City Council - Public Input Opportunity

  • Predesign - conceptual design and analysis of design options
  • Design Commission Review May 15 - Public Input Opportunity
  • Schematic Design - refinement of preferred conceptual design
  • Artist selection for public art

  • Public Art Advisory Committee review of public art concepts
  • Design Development - refinement of schematic design
  • Design Commission review March 5, 2015 - Public Input Opportunity
  • Open House #2 - Public Input Opportunity
  • General contractor/construction manager (GC/CM) selection

  • Construction Documents - refinement of design development
  • Land Use & Building Permits - permits issued by Department of Planning and Development
  • Construction Bid Packages - contractor obtains bids from subcontractors

  • Construction starts
  • Groundbreaking - Public Participation Opportunity

  • Construction complete
  • Dedication - Public Participation Opportunity

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