Oct. 26, 2013, New North Precinct Police Station Open House Highlights

Around 70 people attended this event at the Bitter Lake Community Center gym. They visited a series of "information stations" to learn more about the site selection and design processes for the new station; Northend police operations; the North Community Police Team and community outreach; the City's public art program; and emergency preparedness. At one information station, attendees were invited to attach sticky notes with comments to an aerial photo of the new site, answering the question: "What should the architects know about the new site?" Attendees also had an opportunity to meet the North Precinct Captain; their neighborhood district coordinators; the project architects; and City staff responsible for finding a site for, and managing the design and construction of this new police station. Children attending the event were invited to draw pictures of the new station. Some attendees provided general written comments as well.

2013 Open House Photos

New North Precinct Police Station - Oct. 26, 2013 Open House

2013 Open House Drawings

New North Precinct Police Station - Oct. 26, 2013 Open House (Kids' Drawings)