As of Aug. 10, 2016, the proposed budget for the new North Precinct Police Station project is $149.2 million, reduced from prior estimates through project adjustments reflected below:

Original Project Budget $160 million
Project budget reductions
Parking: Remove one bay of parking garage. (permanently removed from project/budget) $7 million
Funding for the following elements has been removed from the budget but will be added back into the project if sufficient funding remains:
Basement training facility: Construct only basement and shell of basement training facility. Finishes, mechanical systems, electrical, plumbing fixtures will not be constructed. This reduction will not impact the third floor classroom training area.  $1.4 million
Solar power: Remove photovoltatic panels from the garage roof but keep infrastructure to support solar array. $2.2 million
Landscaping: Remove parklette with skateable features. $.2 million
Subtotal Project Budget Reductions $10.8 million
New proposed project budget with cost reductions $149.2 million

The City's Adopted 2016-2021 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) included $160 million for the total project cost (now reduced, as described above). This budget included:

  • Land acquisition - Cost to acquire the property as well as relocation assistance for existing tenants, once they are required to vacate. (approximately $14.3 million)
  • Project development/soft costs - Includes taxes; architect, engineers and other consultants; project management; contingencies; testing, inspections, permits; legal; builders risk insurance; utility/connection/impact fees; moving/relocation; preconstruction services, etc. (approximately $52.6 million)
  • Total construction/hard costs - Includes general contractor/construction manager fees; subcontractors; construction worker wages; building materials; fixtures, furnishings and equipment, etc. (approximately $92.5 million)