About FAS

The Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS) has the most diverse set of responsibilities of any City department. We are responsible for everything from maintaining the database of employee information to building or renovating fire stations; from negotiating contracts for items City departments need to buy to accomplish their work to making sure everyone has a chance to compete for City-funded construction projects; from operating more than 100 City facilities to helping sell property the City no longer needs; from managing the City's investments to overseeing its central accounting system; from maintaining police patrol cars and fire engines to making sure gas pumps accurately measure out a gallon of gas; from regulating the taxicab industry to issuing business licenses and collecting taxes; from advocating for animal welfare and finding adoptive homes for animals to assisting every constituent who calls 206-684-2486 (CITY).

Staff from FAS' Real Estate Services unit will be responsible for finding a site for this new police station. Staff from our Capital Development and Construction Management division will be responsible for managing the design and construction of this new police station.