2009-2010 Issues


Issue: To inform and engage youth (grades 9-12) in active environmental awareness, specifically what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

Summary: The Environment Group is recommending that the Office of Sustainability and Environment add a youth component to the 'One Ton Challenge'

Pedestrian Safety

Issue: To outline the Seattle Youth Commission's proposal to increase pedestrian safety and comfort around Seattle schools.

Summary: The Pedestrian Safety Group is proposing an extension of the Safe Routes to Schools Programs to include middle schools and high schools at a rate of two per year.

Teen Homelessness

Issue: To resolve conflicts between youth and their parents or guardians, thus preventing them from becoming homeless and needing shelter or other services.

Summary: The Teen Homelessness Policy Group is proposing to conduct a pilot program with Cocoon House that will provide prevention services for teens and families.

Youth-Police Relations

Issue: To bridge the communication gap between Seattle’s youth and Seattle Police Department, broaden youth understanding of Seattle Police Department techniques and procedures, foster better interaction between Seattle Police Department and Seattle youth, and initiate and maintain long-term relationships between Seattle Police Department and Seattle youth.

Summary: The Youth-Police Policy Group is recommending a series of Youth-Police Role Reversal Workshops strategically placed throughout Seattle which will be carried out by ten youth interns placed in Seattle's five precincts.

Youth Violence

Issue: To prevent of youth violence through a Young Father’s Coalition.

Summary: The Youth Violence Policy Group is proposing the addition of a Young Fathers Program into the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.