2012-2013 Issues

Watch the 2012-2013 end-of-the-year presentations to City Council:

Full commission initiatives:

  • Guaranteed freedom of the press for student newspapers
  • Expanding school board voting rights to include high school students
  • Automatic voter registration for under-18-year-olds with drivers license application

Education Committee:

  • Develop initiatives to promote civics education in the classroom
  • Develop a youth-oriented speaker series focused on civic engagement
  • Continue to provide youth representation to the Families & Education Levy Oversight Committee
  • Suggest improvements to functionality of The Source
  • Advocate at the state level on educational matters of interest to youth, both with the state-wide Legislative Youth Advisory Council and independently

Environment Committee:

  • Work to increase the ease of access to recycling and composting facilities in Seattle Public Schools
  • Do more environmental education in schools
  • Implement a pilot e-waste recycling program in a public school

Public Health Committee:

  • Provide youth representation on an advisory panel for Seattle/King County Public Health’s Teen Health Centers
  • Work to address health disparities among teens
  • Promote public health education for teens

Race and Social Justice Committee:

  • Continue working with Youth Undoing Institutional Racism on an ongoing basis
  • Provide youth representation to Seattle Public Schools through their youth advisory board for race and social justice issues
  • Develop a Race and Social Justice curriculum for use in Seattle Public Schools
  • Make it easier to start and maintain Gay-Straight Alliance clubs at all schools in Seattle, public or private

Transportation Committee:

  • Continue to act as a liaison to Metro, Seattle Public Schools, and SDOT on behalf of teens in Seattle
  • Continue to help Metro and SPS coordinate bus schedules with class schedules wherever appropriate
  • Advocate at the city, county, and state levels on transportation issues of importance to teens

Youth Violence Committee:

  • Continue working with SPD to host youth-police relations forums throughout the year
  • Work with SPD and the ACLU to host “know your rights” workshops
  • Advise SPD on school-based policing programs