Parks & Green Space Levy

Building Gardens, Growing Community

P-Patch Community Gardens expanded with Parks and Green Spaces Levy.

parks and green spaces levy

In 2008, Seattle voters passed the Parks and Green Spaces Levy which earmarked $2 million of the total $146 million Levy to build new P-Patch community gardens.  Seattle Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Community Gardening Program was tasked with building four new gardens.

We are proud to report that we surpassed our goals! Thanks to remarkable community engagement and partnerships with other city departments, we leveraged the funds for four gardens to complete 28 new and expanded gardens across the city.

I have lived in this neighborhood for over 30 years. This is the first time I have had the feeling that I know who the people are. Our commonality is we are drawn to the green spaces where people can gather.

Kate Farley from Barton Street P-Patch

It was a great way to meet my neighbors and develop solid relationships with them. Many of them did not need P-Patch plots, but just wanted to help out.

Erika Harris from Spring Street P-Patch


Goals Exceeded!
28 new and expanded gardens (Required by Levy = 4)
814 new plots (Our goal = 300)
8.1 acres (Our goal = 2)


More than 33,000 = Volunteer hours
4,400 Lbs. produce donated from Levy supported gardens in 2013
OR 2 Tons produce donated from Levy supported gardens in 2013
8.1 acres of new garden space
814 new plots
11 languages spoken community meetings
1570 cubic yards of compost hauled
113 Tons of re-used concrete rubble