Find It, Fix It Community Walks

In 2014, Mayor Ed Murray initiated the Find It, Fix It Community Walks, a series of Mayor-led walks that help to improve neighborhoods one block at a time. During these walks, neighbors, police, and City officials walk together to identify physical elements in the neighborhood that make it feel unsafe or poorly maintained. Examples include overgrown trees, graffiti, street light outages, and litter. Once the elements are identified, the City and community work together to fix the problems.

Community Walks have been held throughout the city, resulting in hundreds of infrastructure improvements - from new trash and recycle bins to upgraded street lights.

2016 Find It, Fix It Community Walk Neighborhoods:

Past 2016 Find It, Fix It Community Walks

The Community Walk Action Team (CWAT) is a collection of community members, non-profit leaders, and business owners who live or work in a Find It, Fix It Community Walk neighborhood.
CWAT members help to:

  • Inform City officials about neighborhood needs
  • Plan the walk route
  • Recruit neighbors, friends, and family to join the community walk

The time commitment involves 4 weeknight meetings, as well as participation at your neighborhood's walk (5-8 hours total over a span of 5weeks).
If you are interested in helping plan the Find It, Fix It Community Walk in your neighborhood, please contact Laura Jenkins at or at (206) 233-5166.

In partnership with Cities of Service - a national nonprofit organization that supports mayors and city chief executives in their efforts to engage local communities and residents, identify challenges, and solve problems together- Mayor Murray created the Community Project Grants program in 2015. Residents in each Community Walk neighborhood can apply for up to $5000 to lead volunteer projects that improve the safety and/or appearance of the neighborhood.
What you can do with a Community Project Grant:

  • Create a community garden
  • Host litter pick-ups or graffiti clean-up events
  • Paint a mural on a public space
  • Install benches and planters in a public place
  • Create and install new educational or wayfinding signage
  • Plant flowers along a sidewalk or street median
  • And so much more! How have you always dreamed of improving your neighborhood?

Find It, Fix It Community Project Grant Applications will be available for 2017 Find It, Fix It neighborhoods as early as Spring 2017.
If you would like to volunteer for a Community Project in a Find It, Fix It Community Walk neighborhood, please contact Laura Jenkins at or at (206) 233-5166.

Learn About Past Find It, Fix It Community Projects:

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Find It, Fix It mobile screen captureNuisance and safety issues such as graffiti, overgrown vegetation, and litter are problems that require continuous attention. You and your neighbors can help the City of Seattle maintain your neighborhood by letting us know when a problem arises and doing your part to fix it.Smartphone users on the iOS or Android platforms can report many common concerns such as potholes, graffiti, abandoned cars and more. With the Find It, Fix It app, reporting an issue is as easy as snapping a photo and hitting submit. The map's drag and drop feature, or the phone's GPS technology, can be used to pinpoint the location.
Download the Find It, Fix It smartphone app