Small & Simple Projects Fund

What is the Small and Simple Projects Fund

The Small and Simple Projects Fund provides awards up to $25,000 to support community members in building community relationships around a project. Small and Simple Projects Fund activities may be physical projects as well as less tangible but equally significant educational, cultural, and relationship-strengthening activities. All projects must demonstrate its capacity to build a stronger and healthier community, and must:

  • Provide a public benefit and be free and open to all members of the public.
  • Emphasize self-help, with project ideas initiated, planned and implemented by the neighbors and community members who will themselves be impacted by the project.
  • Demonstrate community match.
  • Occur within the Seattle city limits.

Who Should Apply

The Small and Simple Projects Fund is open to:

  • Neighborhood-based groups, community-based organizations, ad-hoc groups and business groups (such as chambers of commerce) who want to do a project to build stronger connections in their neighborhood.
  • Community groups that do not have a geographic base, such as a racial or ethnic group, LGBT groups, a disability community, etc.

How to Apply

Before applying, carefully review the guidelines. You can now apply online

Award Notification

Applicants are notified of award decision within eight weeks of application deadline.


For more information about the Small and Simple Projects Fund, contact a Neighborhood Matching Fund project manager.