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P-Patch Trust

There are many opportunities to donate your time, skills and knowledge. For volunteer opportunities call 425.329.1601 or contact the P-Patch Trust at, or the P-Patch Trust website.

Food Bank Gardening

Most P-Patches in the city maintain a garden plot dedicated to growing fresh organic produce for those in need. P-Patchers donate seven to ten tons of produce to area food banks. In each P-Patch, volunteers plant and maintain the food bank gardens and help is always needed. Usually, the gardeners will collectively plan the food bank garden for the year: different elements include a planting plan, dividing responsibility for weeding and watering, harvesting and delivering to food banks and starting the succeeding rotation. If you're interested, call the P-Patch office (684-0264) and we will connect you with the food bank garden nearest you.

Lettuce link, which links P-Patchers with local food banks, is also always looking for volunteers to distribute seeds, drive produce to food banks and help garden food bank beds. Call 694-6754 for details or e-mail

Communal flower and herb beds

Similar to food bank garden plots, most P-Patches have communal flower and herb beds; they provide much of the seasonal beauty in our P-Patches. Groups of volunteers maintain these areas and are always looking for volunteers to help plan and maintain these planting areas. As an extra bonus, volunteer helpers get to pick!

Local P-Patch work parties

Are you simply interested in helping your local P-Patch look as nice as possible? Each P-Patch has a monthly work party during the growing season and extra help is always welcome! Tasks include turning the compost, cleaning out abandoned gardens in preparation for the next gardener, harvesting plots where people are on vacation, weeding the paths, special projects (i.e. building new compost bins). Call or email the P-Patch office and we will connect you with the community garden nearest you.

P-Patch events

P-Patch hosts a number of events each year and volunteers are always welcome. One of the first events is the great perennial divide, an event of sharing of plants and herbs. Many gardeners need to divide their perennials each year and what better way to make sure that those plants have a good home than sharing with other P-Patches and obtaining beautiful plants in return. Tasks could include making phone calls or helping to set up displays. As an added reward, volunteers can have their pick of plants.

Citywide Volunteer Opportunities

The city is hosting a extensive list of volunteer opportunities around the city, many of which are related to getting your hands in the dirt. Click here to see if you want to help out at any of the listed projects.

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