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What is Community Food Security?

It is when all community members obtain a safe, culturally acceptable, nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food system that maximizes community self-reliance and social justice. Resolution 31019 which established the Local Food Action Initiative directed City of Seattle, Department of Neighborhoods, to develop a Food Policy Action Plan. In 2010 Department of Neighborhoods hired a consultant, the Community Food Security Coalition, using funds that the Council commissioned to assist in developing the Plan. The consultants have completed their recommendations: Community Food Security Coalition Recommendations for Food Systems policy in Seattle.

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At the P-Patch Program we work to improve our Communities Food Security through:



Growing your own Community gardens give everyone the opportunity to grow healthy food for themselves and their families. This can be especially important in areas where healthy produce is hard to find or too expensive in neighborhood stores.

Sharing the Harvest P-Patchers in Seattle go beyond just growing food for themselves. Each year they grow and donate more than ten tons of produce to neighborhood food banks! 30 P-Patches have active food bank gardening programs thanks to our collaboration with the Lettuce Link Program at Solid Ground.

Seattle Market Gardens Urban market gardens and Community Supported Agriculture enterprises help establish safe, healthy communities and economic opportunity for low income families in South Seattle. Each year, in-city farmers grow high-quality, farm-fresh, organic produce for approximately 100 member households during the growing season.

Immigrant Gardening Focus We are able to offer gardening opportunities that bring cheap, safe and culturally appropriate food to family's tables

Planting Seeds Youth garden opportunities in our p-patches educate young kids about cooking, nutrition, and gardening, giving them life skills to ensure their families and communities are healthy and well - fed into the future.


Urban Agriculture Organizational Chart-Seattle

Many of the reasons that communities and families are "food insecure" are complex and far-reaching. Working for Food Justice sometimes means taking a big picture approach to improve the policies that shape how our food is produced and who gets to eat it.

Seattle King County Acting Food Policy Council

P-Patch serves on this council that brings together local government, non-profit organizations, and community members who have a wide range of expertise on food issues including hunger relief, farming, health, nutrition, food retail, industry, food safety, workers, and urban planning to find solutions. The group is strengthening ties with the City of Seattle and King County to establish an official council that will advise and partner with the jurisdictions to address our local concerns.

By bringing all of these different people and organizations together, Food Policy Councils find new ways to solve continuing systematic problems such as hunger, food access, nutritional health, and agricultural sustainability that often fall between the cracks of the scope and focus of many separate agencies and organizations. To learn more about the Seattle King County Acting Food Policy Council please visit :


P-Patch partners with other organizations working on food issues in the county and city of Seattle. P-Patch annual donation totals for giving gardens.

An example of one of our partnerships is with Solid Ground's Lettuce Link program and Marra Farm project. The Lettuce Link Program works with P-Patch's on their Giving Gardens. These garden plots are planted, maintained, harvested and delivered fresh produce specifically to near by food banks and feeding programs. Click here for Lettuce Link's most up to date Newsletter.

Sue McGann introduces Marra Farm in a new "Community Stories" video on the Seattle Channel. Begun by Italian immigrants in 1880, the urban oasis was farmed continuously until the late 1970s. A decade ago people in the community brought Marra Farm back to life and today it is stewarded by five organizations: Solid Ground's Lettuce Link, South Park Neighborhood Association, the Mien Community Garden, Seattle Youth Garden Works, and Seattle's P-Patch program.

Marra Farm grows thousands of pounds of vegetables for a neighborhood food bank, the farm introduces school children to the wonders of nature, Seattle Youth Garden Works provides job training for homeless youth, and the farm provides an opportunity for Seattle's Mien community to grow food for their families.

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