Strategic Initiatives

Chinatown International District (CID) community, with Poet Roberto Escalon, created poetry around their identities as immigrants and what it means to be American as part of a long-range planning process that the Strategic Initiatives Team is supporting.

For citywide long-range projects, the Strategic Initiatives Team supports City departments as they develop policy, and plan and conduct outreach. Its mission is to work in communities before and throughout times of rapid change by deeply engaging on policy development and amplifying community needs. We believe that threading equity and inclusion throughout the engagement process improves the outcomes of projects and builds lasting relationships with
the public. 

The Strategic Initiatives Team:

  • Designs creative approaches to using the Racial Equity Toolkit (RET) on the development of outreach plans, programs and policies with the goal of preventing negative impacts to communities of color.
  • Partners with City departments as they conduct outreach for hard-to-reach populations.
  • Places people who will be most impacted by City activities at the center of outreach efforts.
  • Partners with communities that are historically underrepresented to ensure that community voices are accurately reflected in City policies and practices.
  • Pioneers creative approaches to outreach and engagement that make City efforts accessible.

Current projects include:

- Early Outreach for Design Review

- Chinatown International District Strategic Planning for Capital Projects

- South Park Capital Improvements Coordination

- Sound Transit 3 (ST3)