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Neighborhood Plan Updates

Neighborhood Plan Updates

Since neighborhood plans were completed, growth throughout Seattle has been generally consistent with expectations, but has varied by neighborhood. In some neighborhoods growth has been far more or far less than anticipated. In response, the City Council passed legislation in 2008 authorizing the Department of Neighborhoods (DON) and the Department of Planning & Development (DPD) to work with communities to begin updating neighborhood plans where appropriate. The following elements are intended to build on the valuable neighborhood-based planning efforts that community members conducted in the 1990s:

  • Neighborhood Plan Updates: In anticipation of light rail commencing service in Seattle in 2009, Ordinance #122799 prioritizes the review and update of Neighborhood Plans where transit stations are proposed and where significant new population and business growth is expected. The Neighborhood Plan Update process for the North Beacon Hill, North Rainier, and MLK Jr. @ Holly station areas began in fall 2008.

  • Neighborhood Plan Status Reports: Simultaneously, while station area updates are being developed, DON and DPD are working with neighborhoods outside these areas to gather information for Status Reports, or “snapshots” of the current condition of these neighborhoods relative to the 1990s vision. The Status Reports will help inform decisions about where and how to update Neighborhood Plans in the future.

  • Neighborhood Plan Advisory Committee (NPAC) : Resolution #31085 established the Neighborhood Plan Advisory Committee (NPAC) to make recommendations and provide on-going guidance to the Mayor and City Council on the development of the Neighborhood Plan Update Process and the Neighborhood Plan Status Reports.

Roles & Responsibilities

In carrying out Neighborhood Plan Updates and Status Reports, DON and DPD have distinct roles and responsibilities:

  • Department of Planning and Development: DPD is responsible for managing the process of updating neighborhood plans around station areas. For more information, visit the DPD City Planning website.

  • Department of Neighborhoods: DON is responsible for developing and coordinating community outreach and engagement in communities affected by the Updates and Status Reports, with special attention to reaching under-represented populations. For more information, visit DON’s Public Involvement page.

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