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Neighborhood Plans

Central Area Neighborhood Plan

These files are the result of scanned original reports, and the quality of the documents is similar to photostats, not originals. This is a large plan, and we recommend that you open a section at a time:

Table of Contents

Section 1: Plan Vision and Background
1.1 The Action Plan's Vision
1.2 Planning Background
1.3 Action Plan Components

Section 2: Narrative of Key Plan Activities
2.1 Introduction and Purpose
2.2 12th Avenue/South Capitol Hill Urban Center Village Node
2.3 Madison-Miller neighborhood Master Plan
2.4 23rd and Jackson and Jackson Place
2.5 23rd and Union - Crossroads of the Central Area
2.6 23rd Avenue Corridor
2.7 Central Gateway
2.8 The Boulevard - Improving Martin Luther King, Jr. Way
2.9 Central Area East-West Corridors
2.10 Housing - Central Housing Resource Center
2.11 Economic Development - Recapitalizing Central Area Capital Fund Program
2.12 Human Development - Central Area Health and Social Service Alliance

Section 3: Land Use and Open Space
3.1 Introduction, Vision, and Planning Context
3.2 Factors of Land Use Planning
3.3 Land Use and Zoning Amendments
3.4 Areawide Land Use Recommendations
3.5 Open Space

Section 4: Urban Design
4.1 Introduction, Vision and Planning Context
4.2 Central Area Design Guidelines
4.3 Streetscape Improvements
4.4 Historic Resources
4.5 Community Gateways - Public Art and Entry Statements

Section 5: Economic Development
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Context and Findings
5.3 Capitalization Strategies/Accessing Capital
5.4 Development of Business Nodes
5.5 Increase Employment Opportunities for Central Area youth
5.6 Increase Employment Opportunities for Central Area Residents
5.7 Increase Business and Job Support Services
5.8 Increase Job Creation

Section 6: Housing
6.1 Introduction, Vision, and Planning Context
6.2 Overall Housing Goals and Strategies
6.3 Mitigate Impacts of Gentrification
6.4 Increasing Homeownership
6.5 Make Information & Programs Accessible
6.6 Encourage Market Rate Housing
6.7 Support for Seniors
6.8 Promoting Housing Diversity
6.9 Improved Maintenance

Section 7: Transportation
7.1 Introduction, Vision, and Planning Context
7.2 Comprehensive Plan Rationale
7.3 Non-Motorized Modes: Pedestrian Safety
7.4 Non-Motorized Modes: Pedestrian and Bicycle Enhancements
7.5 Key Pedestrian Streets
7.6 Traffic Circulation: Traffic Calming
7.7 Traffic Circulation: Neighborhood Cut Through Traffic
7.8 Neighborhood Streets
7.9 Arterials: MLK, Jr. Way Enhancements
7.10 Arterial Enhancements
7.11 Arterial Streetscapes
7.12 Transit: Public Transportation
7.13 Transit: Connecting Commuters to Destination Centers
7.14 Transit Facilities
7.15 Parking

Section 8: Human Development
8.1 Vision and Purpose
8.2 Existing Conditions
8.3 CAAP Related Goals and Actions
8.4 Community Building
8.5 Education and Employment
8.6 Health and Social Services
8.7 Community Safety

Section 9: Infrastructure
9.1 Vision and Purpose
9.2 Planning Context
9.3 Transportation
9.4 Maintenance of Infrastructure
9.5 Water Service
9.6 Drainage
9.7 Electrical
9.8 Telecommunications

Section 10: Capital Investments
10.1 Introduction, Vision, and Planning Context
10.2 Proposed Capital Investments

Section 11: Stewardship Plan
11.1 Introduction, Vision, and Planning Context
11.2 Proposals for Plan Implementation
11.3 Steering Committee

Plan Area Resources

2004 Fact Sheet

Neighborhood Plan Area Map

Community Groups


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