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Bernie Agor Matsuno, Director
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Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan

These files are the result of scanned original reports, and the quality of the documents is similar to photostats, not originals. This is a large plan, and we recommend that you open a section at a time:

Table of Contents
Cover, Acknowledgement, TOC
Section 1: Plan Introduction
1.1 Purpose of the Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan
1.2 Neighborhood Planning Context
1.3 Community Outreach Efforts
Section 2: Existing Conditions
2.1 The Built Environment
2.2 Community Demography
2.3 Housing Characteristics
2.4 The Economy
2.5 Transportation Facilities
2.6 Education Facilities and Demography
Section 3: Plan Recommendations
3.1 About the Plan Recommendations
3.2 Vision of the Future
3.3 Plan Cornerstones
C-1 Henderson Street: Building a Better Boulevard
C-2 "Beach" Square: Commercial Core Revitalization
C-3 Community Education: The Building Block of the Future
Section > 3B: Plan Recommendations
3.4 Housing and Land Use
3.5 Economic Development
3.6 Transportation and Transit Facilities
Section 4: Plan Implementation
4.1 Early Implementation Funding
4.2 Plan Stewardship and Monitoring
4.3 Building the Cornerstones
Plan Area Resources
2004 Fact Sheet
Neighborhood Plan Area Map
Community Groups
Neighborhood Coordinator

Yun Pitre,
South Region Neighborhood District Coordinator

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