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Bernie Agor Matsuno, Director
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea that I think might qualify for Neighborhood Matching Fund. What should I do first?
How do I know which Project Manager to contact?
We think our project idea takes place on City property. How do I find out which department owns the property?
Your guidelines state: "Projects should involve as many diverse groups and individuals as possible and should reflect the demographics of your community." How do we find out what the demographics of our neighborhood are?
How do we engage some of our neighbors who dont speak the same languages that we do?
How do we learn more about past NMF projects in our neighborhood? How do we learn more about past NMF projects that did a similar idea?
Understanding NMF Guidelines
We are doing important work to help the community, but NMF doesnt fund social services and/or existing programs. Why not?
How many times can my group apply for funding?
If I have a project, can my group apply again?
What makes a successful NMF project?
Can I apply for 2 projects at the same time?
Writing NMF Application
What do you look for in an outreach plan?
NMF Application Review Process
How are applications reviewed?
What is the likelihood of our project receiving an NMF award?
If we are not awarded, can we reapply?
Working with Other Departments and Agencies
I have an idea that involves the Parks Department. Who do I contact?
I have an idea that involves SDOT or the street right-of-way. Who do I contact there?
I have an idea that involves Seattle Public Schools. Who do I contact there?
Using a Fiscal Sponsor
What is the difference between the applicant organization and a fiscal sponsor?
Do we need a fiscal sponsor in order to submit an application?
How do I find a good fiscal sponsor? Do you have any suggestions?
How much should they be charging us? Can we negotiate?
Contracting with City of Seattle
How quickly do we need to fulfill our award conditions and ready to contract?
Once were ready to contract, what is the contracting process and how long does the process take to fully execute the contract?
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