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Current City Neighborhood Council Executive Committee Officers

current as of 10.11.16



Laine Ross,  Co-Chair

Catherine Weatbrook Co-Chair
Ralph Weathers, Vice Chair
Troy Meyers, Secretary

Laine Ross, Neighborhood Matching Fund Oversight Committee Co-Chair

Catherine Weatbrook, Neighborhood Matching Fund Oversight Committee Co-Chair

Irene Wall, Neighborhood Planning and Land Use Committee Co-Chair

Kathryn Keller, Neighborhood Planning and Land Use Committee Co-Chair
Amanda Kay Helmick, Budget Committee Chair

Eden Mack,  Education, Youth and Schools Committee

Rachel Eagan, Transportation Committee Co-Chair

John Zilavy, Transportation Committee Co-Chair


Current City Neighborhood Council Members and District Council Chairs



Ballard District Council Chair - Joe Wert
Ballard District Council CNC Representative- Catherine Weatbrook


Central District Council Chair - Dan Sanchez
Central District Council CNC Representative - Troy Meyers
Central District Council CNC Alternate - Stephanie Tschida

Delridge Neighborhoods District Chair- Mat McBride


Delridge Neighborhoods District Council CNC Representative - Nancy Folsom  

Downtown District Council Chair - Jamie Lee
Downtown District Council CNC Representative - Laine Ross


East District Council Chair - Lindy Wishard
East District Council
CNC Representative- Janis Maloney


Lake Union District Council Chair- Suzie Burke
Lake Union District Council CNC Representative - Ralph Weathers
Lake Union District Council CNC Alternate - Lloyd Douglas

632-0124 (work)


Magnolia/Queen Anne District Council Chair -Stephen DeForest
Magonlia/Queen Anne District Council CNC Representative- Glenn Avery

North District Council Co-Chair - John Lombard
North District Council Co-Chair - Mark Mendez
North District Council CNC Representative- Tim Motzer
North District Council CNC Alternate - Phil Shack

Northeast District Council Co-chair and CNC Representative- Gabrielle Gerhard



Southeast District Council Co-Chair - Jason Oliver
Southeast District Council Co-Chair -
Kathie Weibel
Southest District Council CNC Representative -
Rachel Eagan
Southeast District Council
CNC Alternate- Dick Burkhart



Southwest District Council Co-chair - David Whiting
Southwest District Council Co-chair - Eric Iwamoto
Southwest District Council CNC Representative - Tod Rodman
Southwest District Council CNC Alternate - Susan Melrose



Content Updated: October 11, 2016

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